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PTF, you've stated you have a limited budget. If you are getting RMS now, you may find you never really use the RPP's. If you do get them, I'd suggest re-bottling in droppers. The paint will last longer and behave better in the long run. I used to have nearly the full line of RPP. As I aquired the RMS, I virtually stopped using RPP and eventually sold them off.


That being said, you might have a good reason to buy some RPP. For example, you found them on sale somewhere. I would say "Walnut", except now it's in the RMS line. Hill Giant Brown comes to mind. Tanned Shadow is pretty close, but HGB is a little denser and very matte. It makes a great base coat for skin. If you want to play with shimmery paints, you might look at getting some of the Cremes.


Other than that, there isn't much in the RPP line that hasn't been created in the RMS. The exception is the cremes, but they have never been the most popular paints. That's probably why they weren't recreated in the RMS line. Besides, if you want a pearlescent paint, there's too many pearl mediums available. You can mix your own when you need it of the color you want, so why buy a whole other set of paints?


You know what I'd like to see in the RPP paints? Offer them in larger dropper bottles. Maybe something like the ones used for craft paints. Give people a better quality alternative to craft paint for large models and terrain. Price them as less expensive than RMS, but not as cheap as craft paint. That's just my opinion.

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My favorites include:


Walnut (a must have for ANY collection of paint - wonderful uses)


Oiled Leather

Aged Red Brick



But it's been said before, if you're already buying the RMS, stick with those or transport the RPPs into dropper bottles. I prefer the RMS because they go on a LOT smoother than the RPP and blend better. I've had the entire line and find while the Silks and Satins are sometimes "cool," you don't use them a whole lot. I'd rather get some acrylic interference and mix my own using the RMS.

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I swear to you people that I do use the search button.

I think it doesn't like me.

Thanks everyone, as for me, yes I am on a limited budget but that won't be forever.

The reason I ask is to find out if there is any color really "special" in the pro-paint line.

Sure I could look at the swatches online but I find them to be way, way, way off.

The first couple of triads I ordered were based upon the way they looked on my computer screen, needless to say they were a lot darker when I got them.

But I still love 'em :lol:

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There are a few colors in Pros that have not transferred over to the MSP line simply because there was something very close already or I didn't have room for a triad of 'em. Probably the two that come to my mind are Griffin Tan and Night Sky. For basing purposes, I also like Woodland Brown and the PP Shield Brown (when drybrushing gravel I prefer the paint pots over the dropper bottles, and the texture of the Pro Paints doesn't bother me with basing).



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I prefer the Pro Paints.


I can't give you a good reason why, I just do. I just like 'em.


It might be because I don't use the triads much. It might be because my skills aren't far enough along for me to appreciate the difference.


All I know is that if I have a choice between RMS or similar colours in Pro Paints I'll break out the PP and I have way more fun.


Yet, I was also the one who argued against putting RMS series in strip pots for the LTP kits. Which is no different from using Pro Paints, really.



What can I say? In my world, logic is optional. :lol:

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A color I like in the RPP series is Ruddy Flesh. I use it all the time for my L5R minis. It has the appropriate "Asian" skin tone color that the current Flesh triads lack. I love Walnut, Hill Giant Brown, Steel Plate (A must have for metalics) Gun Metal Blue (my first Reaper Paint) and Ivory (A great color that I get complements on every time I use it.)

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