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Rise of the Runelords game


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Hey guys


just read that Pathfinder #1 & the Player's guide will be shipping out soon, so I thought I'd make my post to DM a play by post game for it. Finally getting some time on my hand to devote as I did a few months ago (thou work related stuff I'm bogged down again....but that is for anther posting :angry: ).


Anyways, this is the Pathfinder series--


Recently Paizo announced that WOTC decided not to renew the licensing for Dragon & Dungeon Magazine, deciding to move them to online models as gamers go to the web for this sorta thing--- :angry:, so Paizo decided to release Pathfinder, a monthly series similar to the current Dungeon Magazine Adventure Path games/stories, like Savage Tide (what I'm running now in the playing forum).


The first Pathfinder series is called Rise of the Runelords, set in the land of Varisia which in turn is in the world of Glorian.




& the beginning town of Sandpoint for at least the first adventure/set of books, "Burnt Offerings"


this adventure will take characters from 1st to 15th level over the span of 6 monthly deluxe adventure books (not Pathfinder is not a magazine, like Dragon & Dungeon were).




the world & everything in it will be Paizo's own offerings, think of it as a new start for a game world. I hope to replicate it as much as I can, similar if not better then what I'm doing in Savage Tide. I'll have the players download the Player's Guide pdf when it comes online, & will build off that of that.


I have my players for this, just updating this for my game.


Players may choose from the following books for character creation:




Player's Handbook 3.5, Player's Handbook II, Compete series for D&D 3.5 (like Complete Mage, Complete Warrior, etc), Miniature Handbook (thou allot of these classes were merged into the Complete series).



Races-- standard races in the Player's Handbook 3.5


Pathfinder's races are slightly different then say a Greyhawk campaign, these are the changes-




there are 3 ethnic backgrounds that humans fall under, Chelexian, Shoanti, & Varisian.


Chelexians are some what new to the realm of Varisia, their empire of Chelixa lies South of Varisia, but they also hold claim to the mighty cities of Magnimar & Korovosa, thou their empire is in decline due to death of their deity, Aroden & the rise of outside influnences, still the Chelexians hold true.


The Shoanti are nomadic tribesman, similar to American Indians of our world. The Shoanti once held all if not most of the lands, but due to the influx of Chelexian colonists from the south, they have lost many people & the land, there are only 7 remaining tribes that roam the Storval Plateau, the Cinderlands, the Curchainian Hills, and the Velashu Uplands. Shoanti & Chelexians do not get along, due to the bad blood amongst their histories. Shoanti tend toward ruddy complexions & most men are over 6 feet tall (women being slightly shorter). Hair is most often shaved, both sexes included as it tends to get in the way of combat, something to familiar with Shoantis. Dress is functional & practical. Shoantis often decorate themselves with tatoos ranging from small ones on a shoulder to elaborate ones that take over the entire arm.


Varisians are wanderers, clannish, think gypsies in our world & your close to a Varisian, fiercely independent & hot headed. Varisians have a olive-complex with hair tending toward black being most common amongest them. They tend to keep their hair long, but male & female. With dress toward being elaborate & loud, thanks to entertainers being they're most common ways of employment. Varisians also have tatoos but unlike the Shoanti's warlike designs, these tend to be intricate in design & complexity.




Slightly taller then your standard elf , with males averaging around 6', females are slightly smaller. Ears are tad bit larger then normal elves, & their eyes are almost devoid of whites. As quoted from the Paizo's messageboard from James Jacobs himself--


"For elf eyes, we'll be looking at making the whites not there. Their eyes are more or less one solid color, be it dark blue (in Merisiel's case) or green or violet or whatever. We're still kind of working that part out, though. I'm sure they DO have whites to their eyes, but normally you can't see them since their irises/pupils are so big (and thus, they gain a +2 on Search and Spot... even though I know iris size has nothing to do with vision in that way, it's a cool external way to show off the racial bonus). In any event, your picture's pretty close. I'd just expand her iris a bit more, and maybe make it a little bit more brightly colored."


A good example of this is here---Pathfinder--elf rogue (note the eyes & ears)


Half-elves tend toward being inbetween elves & humans with their eyes being slightly large but having both racial traits


good example is here (artwork by Grant Gould)


half-elf by Grant Gould




slightly smaller then normal & are of fey decent


As soon as any other racial changes are made, they will be noted here (new campaign world so many details are still being worked out)




Most feats out of the WOTC books are in use, just check with GM (me) for approval. Also in addition to your normal starting feats, you gain a Runelord Player's Guide feat, just look through the guide & choose your feat. Which is here-- <a href="http://paizo.com/download/pathfinder/RiseO...layersGuide.zip" target="_blank">http://paizo.com/download/pathfinder/RiseO...layersGuide.zip</a>, as noted ALL players must download & read this before playing.


Starting level: 1


Stats: stats have been preset with the following numbers--15,14,13,12,10,8 arranged in any order with an addition of +3 added however you'd like (+2, +1, or +1,+1,+1 or straight +3) before racial mods are added.


Staring Gold: Max whatever your class says.


Spells for spellcasting classes


Player's Handbook 3.5, Spell Compendium, Enviromental books (like Stormwrack) & the books mentioned in the Classes above.


Player dice rolling


gonna go a bit different in this pbp game & players please use this Invisiblecastle.com dice rolling[/url


]url="http://www.stubbdog.com/forum" target="_blank">stubbdog forum for Runelords (player access only)</a>. Also note the forum will be game use as well, I'll post up information & such for the game when needed on there.


Something came up regarding "tardiness" in the game, now I have no problem with delayed posts but I do understand the need to keep the ball rolling so to speak, to keep the adventure going, so I've decided to instigate this into the game. After I post a Weekly Runelord Wednesday update, I hope to hear from everyone at least once. Also this doesn't mean, that Weds will be the only posting I do for this, just that is the start & end date for at least a reply post from players. If something does come up, PM me I'm almost always here & understand that things happen. thanks

Update Chelexian language is the Common tongue of Golarian(Varisia)



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count me in. i have had a ton of fun reading the soon to be released move of dreaded pirate Vinny and his brothel escapades while his band of merry do gooders storm the boats in the bay without him. I look forward to adding a quip or two of mine own when possible.

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consider yourselves locked into the game, when "official" postings start (more or less mainly wanted to get a general feel of things), as the books have only gone to the printer, should be about August or so when the official startup will happen.


thanks for the interest.



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I've been checking this out at paizo and it looks to be a really cool adventure and setting.


so I'm throwing my hat into this one ::D: Count me in!


Not sure I want to lock in 2 months away though.

I don't believe you have to give up your first born or anything if things change for you over the next couple of month and you find that your unable to particpate. Basically those that are "Seriously" interested should post and are thus giving first swig at the bottle. If later you find that your unable to commit (lock children away just incase :lol: ) post to let Haldir know, then the next person on the roster will be given a chance to play and so forth.


I'll be looking forward to this one ::D:

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exactly, what Lorderl said, more or less just getting things ready, as I'm really waiting on the Player's Guide to really get characters made up & such, but wanted to gauge the general interest in this game.


As I got a few requests after my Savage Tide game came to be, I'd thought I'd let the people that really wanted to play a 1st dibs shot so to speak to get in.


consider yourself checked for the game, Lorderl.



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Count me in. I've been wanting to try gaming via Play-by-Post for a while now. By pen-n-paper group only manages to get together a couple of time a year, so I'm usually spoiling for a game.


One question. I realize that the material isn't out yet, but what is the premise behind the world. Hi/Low magic, epic save the world/multiverse quests and so on. Inquiring minds want to know. <_<

Or I can just stop being evil and try an findout for myself. :devil:

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Thanks. I found that very thing shortly after posting. It looks interesting. I will have to wait and see what the player's guide has for classes and races and what is allowable (I have more D&D books then I feel comfortable admitting; too many choices). I'm thinking about running something outside of the box. :devil:

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Hey Rylek, glad to see your interested as well, this is sure to be a sweet game as its a totally new campaign setting/world. Honestly thought the slots would have been filled within 5mins of Haldir posting this up :lol:


anyhows previous post stated 5- 6 players, so you'll make #6, so we all that are still able in 2 months will get to play when it starts up ::D:


any others that have an interest should still post as you'll be next in line if any of the others are unable to play when the Runelord rises to terrorize the world once more :lol:::P: and who knows, maybe Haldir will admit an additional player or two ::D:

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Will definitly be an interesting experience..... To play beside Lorderl...... <puts tack on his seat> :devil:


-10pts of piercing dmg Lorderl ..........

LOL! :blink:::D:


so, which shop sells armor for ones backside ::D: and whom i'm gonna get to put a bandage on it lol ::P:::D:

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