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Rise of the Runelords game


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As far as books I was refering to feats. More or less will only use the Pathfinder products but let me know first if your gonna use one from the WoTC 3.5 books.



so feats from wotc books may be fine but additional class(es) selections are perferred from PFRPG correct?


Well, hopes that's about right as i just finished up ::D:


Here’s the at-a-glance of my character, I believe everything listed was ok’ed previously at one point. I’ll be going mostly Hexblade, if I do dip into any class(es) they’ll be from PFRPG


Since humans no longer receive a free weapon proficiency and I’m not caring to spend a feat on the Greatspear (unless I find one later that’s baddarss), so I’m switch to the Ranseur, both are piercing reach weapons but the Ranseur does less damage (this lets me keep with the current playstyle and feel of the character). Was thinking to try and build on the Ranseur disarming bonus but rather not deal with the extra dice rolling at this time :poke:


Power Attack had to go since it and Cleave were changed again, so I’ll focus more on the Hexblades strengths, altered stats slightly to accomdate this.


STR 16, DEX 14, CON 10, INT 12, WIS 8, CHA 17


1. Combat Reflexes, Ability Focus (MM)


3. Practiced Spellcaster (CD) (taking ranks in Spellcraft at 1st level to qualify for this)

4. Alternate Class Feature: Dark Companion (PHBII)

5. Obtained Familiar (CA) (taking ranks in Knowledge (Arcane) at 1st level to qualify for this)


7. Improved Familiar (CW or PFRPG)



Chosen Class Skill

Diplomacy, Intimidate, Knowledge (Arcana), Spellcraft


I’ll have all this properly viewable in a character sheet soon


to bad humans no longer get to chose any skill at 1st level as a class skill, i would have taken UMD

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Top Posters In This Topic

As far as books I was refering to feats. More or less will only use the Pathfinder products but let me know first if your gonna use one from the WoTC 3.5 books.



Libris Mortis had several useful feats, etc..., paticularly against level drain and undead, Heroes of Horros has one called Font of Life.


While we may not need them at this moment, I'd like to know if they're open to us?

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Trying to figure out some parts of the skill system, took me a bit to figure out how Qywk has 4 skills listed with only a Int 10



So I have a question on compatibility and rank requirements.


Practiced Spellcaster (CD) requires 4 ranks in Spellcraft

Obtained Familiar (CA) requires 4 ranks in Knowledge (Arcane)


These are of course requirements under 3.5


now both skills are Class Skills for my character and they receive the +3 bonus. Now If I were using the 3.5 skill system I could meet the 4 rank requirement in each skill at first level because they’re Class Skills.


In PFRPG, you can’t have more ranks in any skill than you have HD. So by this token I’d have to wait till a minimum of 4th level before being able to select such feats because it’s the earliest I could meet the rank requirement.


So this poses a little problem, and would determine in how I regulate/distribute my skill points.


So would the above 3.5 requirement be equal to just 1 rank under the PFRPG skill system because they’re Class Skills for my character?


This makes a big difference for me (and anyone else looking into the various feats from wotc books) because if I only need to place 1 rank at first level for those skills to meet the requirement, then as I advance in levels my skill points can be used for other skills.

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Libris Mortus


I'm not sure on this book. I'm leaning more toward ehh no but I'll let you know.



Skill ranks. Let me look into that one for yah. Right now I'm just gonna go with how Pathfinder rules have it. As Pf rules will superceed anything from 3.5

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did a quick post to keep the game moving, though with a roll like that i'm sure that little bugger has gotta be dead ::D:




(his AC is like 15 or 16)


most likely get a post up either tomorrow or when I get home work tomorrow morning. I'm going in for 4 or 5 hours extra (sac a day off this week, but hey 40+ hours + Labor Day 8 hours worked holiday pay, so I couldn't beat that!!)


I should be home around 4 to 6 am so I'll get something up. I need to crash now actually (damn you Farmville!!!)



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