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Rise of the Runelords game


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I've always house-ruled for that. Makes sense. Your a human & you hate other humans, thus favored enemy!!


Looks good. I'll stick you in soon, but first I wanna get the group through the Glassworks & of course get orcsoul's character into the game, along with Qwyk's character.





Sounds good. Was reading the recent posts--would it make sense for Qwyk to grab me en route to the Glassworks, especially if heavily armed "thieves" are reportedly there?

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*chimes in from the Peanut Gallery*


Huh? I didn't know PC rangers could take Human as favoured enemy.


Wow. I feel as if I have missed out on SO much now. :devil:


*skulks off to plot mayhem elsewhere*

In the 3.x rules, you couldn't take your own race as a favored enemy unless you were Evil. I always thought that was foolish myself...


Since he's a Half-Elf, you could technically say it's legal (depending on your interpretation of the "Human blood" rule).

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Finally a update. Sorry for the delay, totally my fault this time. Hopefully my work schedule gets back to normal here soon.


Note Qwyksilver PMed me & said he'd be away for the weekend, so I'll be in charge of his character till he gets back.


Also Vil', I'll bring your character in after the Glassworks encounter.

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[0cc]also i don't recall how injured Karyn may be[/ooc]

I believe I've been healed back up to full health. If I'm missing something, let me know Haldir...

i thought you were also, i just didn't want to go searching through posts :wacko:

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