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Rise of the Runelords game


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Hey Haldir, I've just recently come across this topic concerning the Hexblade Class, let me know if i can gain its benefits


Unofficial Hexblade Fix by D&D Lead Designer WotC_Mearls

The hexblade suffers a little because he came on the scene relatively early in 3.5's life. As R&D pushes the boundaries of the game, we learn that some things we thought were risky or potentially broken aren't. Other times, we learn things that look fine don't actually work in play.


Armored mages fall into the first category. Them seem really powerful, but in the long run they aren't. Spells and magic items allow an unarmored mage to build great defenses. The spell mage armor is as good as medium armor, and its duration allows most mages to keep it active at all times. If you compare the hexblade to the duskblade from PH 2, you can see how the thinking has changed.


If you want to boost the hexblade, I'd try the following changes:


* Good Fortitude save

* Curse ability usable 1 + the hexblade's Cha modifier per day

* Curse ability usable as a swift action

* Curse ability does not count as used if the target makes his saving throw

* Ability to cast in light or medium armor and while carrying a light shield or buckler

* At 6th level, the hexblade can cast one hexblade spell per day as a swift action, as long as its original casting time is a standard action or faster. He gains an additional use of this power at levels 8, 11, 14, and 18.


The key to the hexblade is his curse ability, but it's a little un-fun to have it so limited in use. The hexblade also has trouble casting spells and using his melee attacks, so shifting spells to swift actions fits in with the idea of an armored mage.


(These are by no means official. They're just off the top of my head changes I'd consider)

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Did Xaven loose track of Anton in the short time it would have taken him to bandage the wound? If so, would a perception check be necessary to reestablish a tail?


Probably, Anton is like a total ninja. He can disappear into thin air.


Just close your eyes and stand still.




And count to 20 with your fingers in your ears.

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Go ahead a roll a Percep check, it'll have a minus to it due to the doors & such but you might have a chance to find him.


Also sorry for the delay. I got home this morning around 7 am or so & my computer wasn't on (must have updated & restarted). Anyways, I'm still having HD problems (gotta do that copy soon) & I couldn't get it back on (read-write error + it wasn't showing that I had a hard drive). So I just left it off & went to bed, woke up & watched a couple movies on tv (Role Models (hilarious btw) & something else. Finally got my system running this evening. Hope to get everything updated, but I'm not sure.



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dam i hope my attack hits, that was nearly MAX damage :lol:



seeing as i'm first in the initiative count, I'm figuring my opponent should be denied any Dex bonus to AC, hopefully that'll be enough to offset the penalty for dim lighting



edit: i added the Hexblade's Curse to my post, don't ask me why, but i had forgotten that i could do that :blink:

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The man moves up 5 feet & ducks low & with a twisting move, he kicks out at your leg, mainly the ankle area & he connects!!!

reread the post and notice that no weapon was mentioned, was that an unarmed attack? CBM? Trip Attempt? No AOO?

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