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Rise of the Runelords game


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When I think flat-footed & I usually associate that with the Surprise Round. I think in all of my 3.5 playing, my group nor I never did a feint move, so I'm not that familiar with it (thank goodness for a dual monitor to look at the rules while typing :lol:



Also note I re-read that entry & I see where/why DS is asking about. I put 3 instead of 6 for his damage.


I did have Tsuto total damage of 10 pts correct thou (6 KF & 4 Vel)

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Here is a question to my remaining players:


Do you want to continue with this Pathfinder series or move onto anther one. Since the original group has moved on with the exception of Dragon Snack, aka Karyn Fire who I haven't heard from since his last posting on the Playing section of this game.


I'd like to hear from everyone regarding this


a) Keep going on this one




b) Move to a new adventure with the same characters you have now


Let me know, thanks!


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I want to keep playing. I love the Pathfinder system. So much so I started a subscription with Paizo for the books. If we start a new adventure though, I would probably prefer to make a new character. I only played a Cleric out of party necessity. I would prefer a stealth or magic based character.

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I'm game for either, I can re-use my monk for a new game, or be just as happy to "continue/get started" in this one :P


And don't tempt me you pushy guardsman known to me as... Busy. So stuff your test and start moving.


You sure you don't have some gnome in your blood?

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Oh it will be Pathfinder, that's for sure. I figured keep the characters as that would save you guys the extra effort of remaking a character (hell this is starting to sound like my high school gaming days--make a character, change game, make character, change game, etc etc etc ha ha).


Well the Runelord adventure was based around a group of heroes that save the town from the inital raid, & with just Karyn left, I'm not exactly sure how I'd go about getting you guys & go further into the adventure. One reason why I'm asking to just restart.


I'm thinking on using one of these Adventure Paths:


Council of Thieves (leaning toward this over the rest right now)


Legacy of Fire


Curse of the Crimson Throne

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Well I bought the 1st adventure in the Council of Thieves(Bastard something something) series today, so I'll read up on that tonight.


If I go with this one. I'll let everyone know tomorrow. There is a free pdf Player's Guide to this one, so I'd like everyone to read up on that to get a feel for the character.


Out of the 2 APs above, 2 are urban with some wilderness adventuring & one is desert adventure (think Arab).



I think I'm gonna put out a Call to Arms post for couple more players


right now we have 3



& orcsoul


We could get by with 1 more, but having 2 would be nice

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Ok I was able to read the adventure & some of the background last night & at work this morning, so I think I'm gonna go with this


Council of Thieves: Bastards of Erebus

Now, something to consider for characters:


Stats: stats have been preset with the following numbers--15,14,13,12,10,8 arranged in any order with an addition of +3 added however you'd like (+2, +1, or +1,+1,+1 or straight +3) before racial mods are added.


max starting gold for your class


I use traits as described in the Pathfinder Rulebook or the CofT player's guide.


game will be a city campaign, so no need to make the "I wanna see the world!!" outlook character ::):


As before, no evil alignments


Also I may give out a free feat as I did for the Runelords game, not sure just yet

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Readjustment to level 1 took a bit of work, but here he is, with new backstory:


Invilareth Quaressithal (Vil)

Male half-elf Ranger1

N Medium humanoid

5’10”, 150 lb, black hair, gray eyes, 23 years old

Init +3 ; Senses Perception +10 (+2 vs. humans), low-light vision


AC 16, touch 13, flat-footed 13, CMD 17

hp 10 (1d10)

Fort +2, Ref +5, Will +1

Special Immunity: magical sleep, +2 save vs. enchantment


Speed 30 ft.

Melee Short Sword +5 (1d6+4, 19-20/x2)

Melee Short Swords +3/+3 (1d6+4/2, 19-20/x2)

Melee Blackjack +5 (1d6+4 nonlethal, x2)

Ranged Throwing Knife +4 (1d4+4, 20ft, x2) *full-round to draw and throw

CMB +5

Special +2 attack and damage vs. humans


Str 18, Dex 16, Con 10, Int 13, Wis 12, Cha 8

Feats Skill Focus: Perception, Conspiracy Hunter: Sense Motive, Two Weapon Fighting

Skills Acrobatics +3, Bluff -1, Climb +7, Disable Device +5, Perception +10, Sense Motive +6, Sleight of Hand +3, Stealth +6, Survival +5

+1 Survival when tracking; +2 Bluff, Knowledge, Perception, Sense Motive, Survival vs. humans

Languages Elven, Chelaxian, ?

Class Features Favored Class: Ranger/Rogue, Favored Enemy: humans +2, Track, Wild Empathy +0

Gear 2 short swords, 6 throwing knives (2 concealed), blackjack, studded leather armor, traveler’s outfit, waterskin, sack (crowbar, 50 ft silk rope, grappling hook), masterwork thieves’ tools, hunting knife, whistle, 1 gp



Born amongst the elves of the Barrowood, Invilareth Quaressithil never knew his human father, and his mother has never been willing to speak of him. As it is for most half-elves, he was never wholly accepted into the elven community; much of his childhood was spent alone in the woods, wandering whichever way his feet took him and constantly getting into and out of trouble. As he approached adulthood, he tired of this outcast life and fled the woods for human lands. More accepted than among the elves, he still found himself something of an outcast, and drifted from town to town. Short on coin and desperate, he fell in with thieves in the trading town of East Rikkan. This arrangement continued for several weeks, until one job went horribly wrong. Vil fled south to Westcrown, hoping to vanish amongst the poorer folk. Though his skills are limited, he hopes to find more legal employ in the city; he is ashamed of his turn to thievery and the price others paid for his desperation.


From the day he left his home, none has ever heard his elvish name; he introduces himself in human lands simply as “Vil”.


Vil does his best to be ready for anything; his standard kit includes a number of unusual items—a crowbar, grappling hook, various other tools, and a variety of alchemical substances can frequently be found on his person. This is in addition to the eight blades he carries: two short swords across his back, four throwing knives at his belt, and another two in his boots, plus a short hunting knife for utility purposes.


Despite his estrangement from his elven kin, Vil still thinks himself as an elf first. Exposed to many of the worst elements of humanity, he has a dim view of the race as a whole, and tends to come across a bit harsh in his everyday dealings with humans.

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Okies.. so basically just re-adjust the stats for my monk and re-adjust feats as necessary? (still playin a monk dagnabbit! :P)




One trait correct? Max starting HP?


Yes on MAX HPs


traits, if I recall you can use a feat to take 2, but I'm not sure if that made it over to the actual rpg release. Let me look that up after I take a nap (faddddding fast ha ha, worked graveyard last night).


Also the game will use the medium experience track (Pathfinder of course uses different xp progressions), so not sure how long well go but if you think it might make the character feel like a tabletop, think ahead a bit.


Looks good, Vil. I'll look more into it later on, after my nap (jeesh I'm starting to sound like I'm old............ :angry: )

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