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Well, I stayed away from CAV, doubting how long it might have lasted in the market. I got into VOR just as it died, and I vowed not to do it again...


But, I just couldn't stay away from CAV. It was CRAZY at origins. Met and talked to a lot of the CAV folks, played a few games, and had some fun.


The rulebook had enough mecha to play the game. The JOR had enough additional mecha to make the game really fun. The JOR2 rocks! I mean, combined arms works now! All sorts of goodies and options! And it's production value is TOP NOTCH!


I plan on picking up the dragonflies when they come out.


At Origins I bought a pretty much complete and I think fairly balanced force...


1 Rhino

1 Mastadon

2 Duelists

2 Sultans

2 Kahns

6 infantry stands with heavy mortars

4 Badgers

2 Tsutsekis

4 Kikyus


A good mix of anti-cav/anti-infantry weaponry.

I plan on getting some light infantry stands too.


That way, I can mix and match, for whatever style game I want to play.


Dragonflies and Sabretooths are on my list too.



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It happens...  :)


Yes, "the Painter" has been involved with my CAV events indirectly in the past months.  In fact Dan painted up one of my GKW-14s to give out as top prize at the next ReCon in August.


So there *will* be events at ReCon for CAV.  Demo starting 12ish and the tourney at like 2:30.  Rather simple layout for the tournament again, winner will get a GKW-14 (if Dan wins it though, he gets an unpainted GKW-14 and I'll save the cool one he painted for me, for the next one to give out to someone less blessed with the brush... (can I enter my own tournaments? lol)


But GenCon is coming first.  And on probably Thursday night Chrome, FF, maybe Jeremy, and me are going to play Warlord the card game  :)


Surprise surprise huh?  lol

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And on probably Thursday night Chrome, FF, maybe Jeremy, and me are going to play Warlord the card game  :)


Surprise surprise huh?  lol

hmm, was that what was in those boxes you bought?


then no surprise here. :)



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Hehehe, FF I think we created some CAV addicts at Origins. It all balances out in the end :o)


Oh and for the record, one of the games Ladystorm played in was the final of the Templar Warmaster tournament. The Flower Power gave a good accounting of themselves, especially given LS had 10 minutes notice and decied to low-ball by 50 points.


It was fun crossing gauss cannons with everyone, and I look forward to playing Crusoe and Ladystorm (again) next year.


Oh and by the way, three guesses who won the Warmaster final..... no prizes though. I gave all the ones I had stockpiled away at Origins :o)

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50 points, 45 points, same difference :o)


And the feeling was mutual, least on my part. It was definately one of the most fun games I've played in ages, and not just cos I won for a change :o)

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Wow!  I'll actually get to meet the fabled LadyStorm at GenCon?  AND she's picked up CAV?  Double wow!  :D


It's great to see some of you other Reaperites picking up this great game!


btw, if FreeFall is going to take credit for getting Kai and Jeremy hooked on Warlord, its only fair that I grab the credit for hooking him. Of course I owe the huge dent in my wallet to the guy who runs my hobby shop.  FF and Kai, you can thank Wayne at NukeCon!  :;):

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Yeah I dropped over 120 bucks at Origins on Warlord cards... but I did get some really nice stuff.  Do you think I'd get laughed at (at GenCon) if I went for the DragonLord with Slayer the Unkind and Christophe Kringle and his 8 reindeer (each one x 2)?  heheh


Since FASA died and since I have 2 of each CAV up to the lastest release, I guess I need something to piss my money away on that is gamish and smaller than MTG  :)


Biggest issue was the fact that both Chrome and FF play the game.  I follow those guys pretty much ANYWHERE.


I also have to give RaveZero, Chrome, and Freefall "credit" for initially getting me into CAV.  


I originally joined the Steelcommand admin staff to become the lead admin for the next SCL league we were planning to run with Mechwarrior 4 (that was hush-hush big time, but now I can spill the beans).  But FASA died like 2 weeks later, and with all the indecisiveness and lack of info from WizKids, I started looking at CAV and got hooked.  I decided to become an assault officer at that point.  Then I went to Origins last year.


Fun times...

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