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Well, with all those CAD models around, it would be easy to start a CAV computer game, half the artwork is already done... ;)


That, and some real good game engines are already available for licensing ( the Unreal game engine core, among others ).


Heck, if Heavy Gear could get made into a game, how long until CAV? And hardly anyone locally plays Heavy Gear.


It would be pretty wicked to be flying a Tsuseki NOE on a attack run...


Or the deafening roar of the Emperor's main cannons.


One thing is to get the sound effects 'right'. Ever since Doom/Quake, gatling guns have never sounded right... ;)


Lasers would be a ear-splitting crack-zap sound. A half-watt laser is audible. A multi-megawatt one would be deafening.


Gauss cannons, well, heck, they'd be thunderclaps. Their ammo would be eye-searing pinpricks of bright white light in flight, trailing sonic boom cones.


All cavs are equipped with IR and VIS chameleon systems, and peering through the ECM chatter would be another thing too. Something fluffy, yet 'fun'.



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There's a couple of problems with doing a CAV computer game... firstly there's defensive fire.


According to the fluff, a CAV's computer takes control and fires back down the bearing of an incoming round. This means that every time you were fired upon you'd lose control and the screen would spin. This'd only be temporary but it'd be disconcerting. Plus you've the other crewman's duties, and the dodging. It'd all get a bit much in my opinion.


I personally think CAV would make a better command and control style game such as MechCommander or Command & Conquer. With little AI's doing what the crewmen do, you'd not have to worry about the disconcerting 'spinning top' effect defensive fire would cause because you're not inside any more.


Another major problem with a CAV computer game, is that you'd have a major problem with range. That thunderous cannon on the Emperor, well it's effective range (even with all kinds of super-advanced electronics and such) is only 416 feet. And that 'zapping' laser bolt gun, well that's only got a range of 468 feet.


And I won't even go into the lack of ammo for anything :o)


Crusoe, Blitz did a VERY nice rendering of the Charvel GGC from the 'Hawk V which you can find on Mil-Net. It's an amazing piece of work, and it sounds like a minigun should... which is a pleaseant change :o)

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