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I got 'em!


Cupcakes and greenskin beefcakes?




Green Lager and Elfies?


Err...not yet, but I DID have ice cream with caramel and choccy syrup...and the cat offered me a mole it caught ( I declined the latter )


Happy Day?




Oh..and thanks Unglef for your cupcake and ice cream. It was yummy. I'll save some cupcakes for you though.... but you'll have to kick my orcsies #[email protected]%es to get them! :lol:


Oh..and Qwyk.. Steve actually was briefly contemplating how he'd look painted green. ... hmm... :wub: ... I suppose we should ALL be ashamed of ourselves.

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Thanks again everybody for the well-wishes and what-nots.


Seems only proper to end a great day THIS way.


This one's for all my friends out there who make life an adventure..and for "my guy" who makes life a romance. :wub:


Pth.. but enough with the mushy stuff... :lol:




Y'all is GREAT!



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