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Gelatinous Cube


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Per Rastl's request (she always tells me I never post anything I've painted/made here) here are the Gelatinous Cube I've been making. While these pictures aren't the best, the bubbles you see in some of the pictures are on the bottom of the cube (which Iv'e corrected with an additional pour of resin to fill in the small voids).


My first cube ever attempted:



After learning how the resin reacts with various factors (heat/air pressure/vacuum/etc) I've managed to reduce the bubbles in every cube thus far (this is only a small sampling of the cubes I've done up to this point).



Comparison of the clear resin and Envirotex Lite







An attempt at using Envriotex Lite in a RTV mold (the mold gives the material a very light yellow tint)



And a nice Reaper mini for scale (ye sI know it's not painted yet, it's one of the minis on my wall of shame):



There ya go Rastl, now you can't say I never posted anything ::):

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Very nice. I love these cubes.


Just a thought: Aren't air bubbles appropriate? Oozes deal acid damage, and when acids burn tissue, hydrogen is released, IIRC. Wouldn't that mean that Gelatinous Cubes SHOULD have air bubbles, at least for a while after "eating"?

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Ya know, if I actually drank my bourbon on the rocks, I'd be so pining for a drink right now.


Even so, these things are making me want some bourbon anyway. Too bad I'm at work.



you alcky you! ::P:


The cubes look cool. Definitely would be cool to include on the battle-mat during a game!

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