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CAV Tourney, July 7th at the Asylum

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The first Saturday of July (7th) will be the first of the monthly tourneys I will be running. For those of you who don't know me, I am Shaun Rice. I have been in the Black Lightning program for a few years and have ran demos at Reapercon and GenCon Indy.


I plan on slapping a few tables together (at least an 8'x12'... more if we have lots of players) and everyone will play a last man standing in your face brawl simultaneously.


Please let me know in this thread if you plan on attending.


Point Max: 2500

Section types: At least one Armor Section is required.


More info will be available as soon as I find out things like prize support and terrain types that will be available to me.


If you have any questions feel free to ask.



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I'd suggest lowering the Point Size a little bit pre. The problem with Free-For-Alls is that the more players you get, the longer it takes to play a turn. If you have 4 players show up at your FFA, it'll be like 2 guys playing a 5000pt game (both scenarios have the same number of points on the table). If 8 players show up, you've got a pretty huge game going on!


We ran the same format with 1250 points and 5 experienced players a couple months ago and it took about 3 hours to finish. The next time I ran it we had 4 players, two of which were newer and it took almost 4 hrs (not as much stuff blew up from Crits as in the first game and there were more Repair attempts in the 2nd game). Hope this is helpful.


If you do decide to stick with your points, or at least go larger than 1250 which I wouldn't blame you for, let me know how it goes. I'm planning on running the same game this fall at NukeCon and want to know how it plays with some larger armies.

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So instead of playing 3 one to one and a half hour games, you played 1 3-4 hour game. I think that is a fair trade.


Yes, the turns themselves defintely take longer, but more things get blowed up each turn too. Its kinda a reverse slide. That first turn might take 2 hours by itself, then the second turn one hour, and third turn 30 minutes as most things are dead, and the last turn for mop up. At least that is what happens in my experience.

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Nope, just used the rulebook.



On a side note, I played the guy who whooped pat yesterday.


I managed to take out 9 infantry stands with fire from CAVs and one tank but not without heavy losses to my biggest units. After all was said and done it ended up being a close game. It was a 3k point game per side.

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