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Central New England Paint Day

Whizard Hlavaz

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You can have my snacks.


If I'm able to go, I was just going to spend my metal on shiny metal stuff, the only way that turns out like crap is if I have a bad day painting. With snacks, it's automatic :lol:


I probably won't spend money on minis while there, but I have a valid excuse... I really can get them cheaper ::P: 'Sides.. I have get clobbered by PTF in Warmachine at least once, curse him and his Castigator.

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So... as this has fallen so far, I figured I'd give it a bit of a bump by letting everyone know that I'm still not confirmed for the CT event. Got myself a second job to rebuild my savings account a bit and as it's 3rd shift at LL Bean it depends on how heavy the ordering is before Turkey Day as to when extra days start kicking in..

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Oh, the thread has arisen from the briney depths. <_<


Helltown- Here's hoping that you can make it. It is always good to meet another NaVet (as opposed to NavET).


I'll still be there. And I'll definately need the break after dealing with the water damage to my downstairs and regrading my back yard.

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Talked to Pat today, 20th is still good. Looking forward to it. Pat wanted to know if they was anything special he should stock, or if anyone wanted any sort of special order. He also was going to send out an e-news letter advertising the event, and I was going to put up flyer at the store.


  1. I will commit to the Saturday only.
  2. I will contact the store to arrange advertising onsite and to schedule a Paint and Take and Speed Painting Contest.
  3. I will provide the needed supplies, including prizes for these.
  4. I will share my paints, complete sets of both Reaper lines.
  5. I will advertise this on the Reaper Home Page: Black Lightning Events Listing as well. This means if the store is a registered location they'll get it advertised on all Reaper pages.

I doubt I will be able to 2 or 5 before Gen Con, things here are just too tight time-wise.


possibly, if hubby is interested, we may be able to provide CAV and/or Warlord demos that afternoon as well, no promises, we haven't discussed it yet.


@ladystorm- I'm sure you have been busy (I know with the advent of school I've been running around like mad), but I just wanted to check with you and see if the Paint and Take/Speed Painting were still on so that I could make sure the word gets out.


See you all there.



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sorry we've had a family emergency combined with my new employment and I have not been around to follow the thread.


I have to wait to see how things around here play out before I can confirm my availability.



No problem. Sorry to hear about the emergency, I hope everything is OK now. It would be too bad if you couldn't make it. I was looking forward to meeting you again. But as always, do what you have to do. Real life always has a way of imtuding upon my best laid plans.



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OK, kids.


I'm about to pull the trigger on a hotel for the night. Are we on for the 20th at the Citadel in Groton from 11am to 6pm or what? :rock:


How's about everyone chime in again to confirm attendance or if you possibly may attend? I'll update the front page as answers come in. Here's to hoping *you* can make it.


And since I'll be in that neck of the woods, anyone interested in going to the CT Renaissance Faire on Sunday like Dilvish mentioned?


-Whiz. ::):

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