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Central New England Paint Day

Whizard Hlavaz

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Talked to Pat today, 20th is still good. Looking forward to it. Pat wanted to know if they was anything special he should stock, or if anyone wanted any sort of special order. He also was going to send out an e-news letter advertising the event, and I was going to put up flyer at the store.

I'm gonna take a look tonight to see what figures that i don't have and i might want, and will PM you, so that if possible he can stock the items for me (if its enough time to get them in that is), I should have checked the thread earlier as i wasn't thinking of get a special order put in for me, i was thinking just to checkout what was already in stock

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I just realized the phone # is on the first page (just called but no answer yet, i'll try in another couple hours), i have a list of 11 minis already made out, plus I can inquire about the October releases that are scheduled, with any luck some of those will be on hand ::D: /crosses fingers ::D:


or would it be best if you gave it all as a large order for game day purposes? let me know one way or the other, thxs


here's my list of desired items ::D:


Pirate Sophie #1420


# 14404 Bull Orc Berserker

# 14339 Marda of the Blade

# 14340 Samantha of the Blade

# 14346 Theda, Shadow Priestess


3193: Carinth, Dark Elf Sorceress

3203: Shaedra,Female Paladin

3213: Ramelle, Female Thief

3229: Elise Anya, Vampire Hunter

3242: Rozmina, Female Half-Orc

3243: Swamp Shambler

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Hey Helltown, I noticed in your profile that you play Magic. I'm in the process of getting rid of most of my cards, but I've hung onto a deck I could bring if you want to play (practically turning this into a New England game day :unsure: )


I can throw the deck bag into the truck along with my painting tackle. If you still need to get rid of some cards, I might be able to help with that too... depends on whatcha got. It'll be something to do when our eyes start to cross from staring at puny pewter people for too long. ::P:


You can't get a bunch of painters together without gaming happening since that's how most of us started with the painting. :poke:

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I'll be bringing most of my gear with me - paints, sculpting tools, etc., if anybody wants to borrow them. I don't have too many of the Master series colors, but I got plenty of the old stuff. I'll make sure I bring some of the more unusual colors.


Also, I just got done organizing and packing up the giant pile of unpainted people threatening to snap the legs of my painting table, so I'll be bringing my extras/bits box with me as well as some other stuff if anybody wants to pick through it (pleasepleaseplease, lol). Extras are free to a good home, some minor begging/asking-nicely may be required to get me to part with the other stuff based on the likelihood of me ever getting off me arse and painting it. Mostly older Reaper stuff, but I do have some seriously old-school Grenadier and Ral Partha stuff that's really just sitting on death row until such time as I slaughter them for their weapons and gear.


The only Magic deck I still have hasn't been tournament-legal any time in this century - I have a beta ed. sol ring in there, lol - but I'll bring it with me if I can find it.



Lorderl, re your list... Just off the top of my head, Pat had most of those on hand at the store when I was there yesterday, all the Dark Heaven stuff anyway. In fact, I may have accidentally poached your pirate Sophie (oops.) He usually reorders stuff as soon as people buy it, though, so it should be available when ya get there. I'll write down your list and check on em when I head back there tomorrow. I'll let ya know if he got everything.



Oh, and if anybody's thinking of bring a cd player or something to play some music, I can throw a couple cds in my bag if people want.

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