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Central New England Paint Day

Whizard Hlavaz

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Hey Helltown, I noticed in your profile that you play Magic. I'm in the process of getting rid of most of my cards, but I've hung onto a deck I could bring if you want to play (practically turning this into a New England game day :unsure: )


I can throw the deck bag into the truck along with my painting tackle. If you still need to get rid of some cards, I might be able to help with that too... depends on whatcha got. It'll be something to do when our eyes start to cross from staring at puny pewter people for too long. ::P:


You can't get a bunch of painters together without gaming happening since that's how most of us started with the painting. :poke:


Cool. I'm still in the process of organizing and dividing them up for sale, but I've gone through all the rares and one shoebox-worth (two more to go). I'll bring them all, in any case.


Mad Jack: My deck's similar; it's got cards from Tempest to Mirrodin. Nothing older than that though :blink:

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Vil-hartan: Heh... I've been playing awhile, but none of the really expensive cards are in my decks (I have power 9, I just consider them investments rather than things to play with). I prefer to keep things fair-ish when it comes to tournament play.


Mad Jack: Sounds like your deck is more Vintage legal than Standard legal (there are different formats now so you don't have to buy all the new cards).

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It looks like I spoke to soon. I'm not going to be able to make it this weekend after all. With my wedding coming up in 3 weeks, my fiancee and I just have too much to do, and not enough days off from work to do it.


I'm bummed as I was looking forward to it and hoping to get some nice tips and help from all the more experienced painters there. I also was looking forward to meeting all of you.


But I'll just have to wait until the next one, I guess. And you will just have to wait to try my potato salad :)

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Okie dokie... I now officially know my work schedule for this Friday...




... I'll be working from 6pm to midnight which means.... I can be there ::D: And I have a crash point in Groton in case I need to catch a few winks (don't really think that'll be necessary, but one never knows). I might be arriving in the early afternoon depending on traffic and how badly I get lost, but be on the lookout for a big, ugly, red truck in desperate need of a parking space. :poke: So I'll be bringing:


Me (very important I'm told)

My paints and brushes (in their spiffy tote)

Some miniatures to paint and a couple to show off (including a lil' delivery for Dargrin)

My Base-fu box (so PTF can try to teach me a few things)

A couple magic decks

Possibly my Warmachine (not sure my brain will be up to it, plus I have to find the cards :unsure: )


So... I have officially declared my presence a certainty, now I just have to see who else is coming ::P:

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So... I have officially declared my presence a certainty, now I just have to see who else is coming ::P:


Here's the list from page 1, in case folks haven't been checking:

  • Dargrin
  • Dilvish the Deliverer
  • Helltown
  • Lorderl (and brother-in-law)
  • Mad Jack
  • PurityThruFire
  • Vil-hatarn
  • Whizard Hlavaz

ANYONE ELSE?!?! :rock: :rock: :rock:


Anyhow, I'll be bringing:

  • Me, myself, and I (though me may have to stay home... he's been pretty naughty of late)
  • Paints, brushes, palettes, etc. (naturally)
  • A mini or two to paint (and one or two to show-off)
  • Base materials (if someone can tell me what I need to learn better base-fu)
  • My favorite painting chair (you no touch!)
  • I have no Magic decks.
  • I have no Warmachine.
  • I have no horse, no wife, or no moustache for that matter...
  • But I do have a couple bucks for a brew or two...

Anything else? Munchkin? I suppose some munchies? Iced coffee!


I don't think I'll stay down at the hotel. I've made plans for Sunday morning. But I can certainly look to grab a bite after the festivities conclude if people are down with that.


Anyhow... Looking forward to it, gang!!! ::D:

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I'll be there about 2ish. Son has his bowling league until 12 and I will be leaving shortly after that.


I will be bringing:

My scope

Paints and brushes

Basing material

Some extra clip lighting (I don't think I or anyone else will need them.

A few things to paint.

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I'll be there at store opening (I might even beat the owner in).


I will

-Bring myself (my evil twin Skippy is not invited)

-My painting kit (I just unpacked everything earlier this week so nothing has hqad enough time to grow feet and wander off-yet)

-A magnifing lamp, extention cord and power strip.

-A spare folding table (I think there is an Illuminati demo the same day)

-A radio (if you don't like oldies...80s and 90s that is, bring your own music)

-Pepsi, lots of Pepsi

-an expectaion of having a blast


See you all there... but will you see me? :ph34r:

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-A spare folding table (I think there is an Illuminati demo the same day)


Is table space a concern? I could bring another folding table, too. I also have lights and an extension cord I always carry to painting events. They'll be with me on Saturday as well.


And what time is the store opening? 11am?



ditto on this

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