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Central New England Paint Day

Whizard Hlavaz

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It all counts. Munchkin is as good of a gateway drug game as any other. I just talked to Pat. When I asked him about Oct 20 and if it was available, he said "That far in advance?". He seemed surprised by the lead time we were devoting. We are good for the whole weekend. The store hours are Sat. 11-6 and Sun 1-5. If people want more time he has been known extend the hours. Back the the local magic heyday, I have gone in on Saturday and not left the game room until Sunday afternoon.


And for those that want something else to do while in the area, aide from the aforementioned casino's, within a 20 minute drive is the largest used book store I have ever seen. The Book Barn in Niantic, is a two story barn full of books. How many books? Well enough that they had to build half a dozen out builings and open a store on Main St. to hold them all. I have spent many happy days purusing the stacks.

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Truth be told... I don't play anything. I just paint. Well... I guess I play Munchkin, but that doesn't count here now, does it? :lol:

I've got a couple of Munchkin decks at home (then again I'm a huge boardgame geek as well).


I should specify, I've never played Warlord, not that I won't play it. No one around here plays it which is really going to dictate what I play or not. If someone wanted to demo it I would be more than happy to join in.

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By all means, update the first post with the event info ::):


If anyone runs across a New Englander in the other forums, let them know the dates as well. If Pat's surprised by us booking that far ahead, imagine how surprised he'll be if we get him a decent sized crowd (with a best guess headcount a week prior).


As for me, well... vacation plans have gone from being "When's a fun time to head to the old homestead for a week or so?" to "Pack the bag and wait for word from the family" (long, depressing story). So I've no idea if I'll have saved up enough again to manage a trip to Connecticut in October or not. If I can, I'll drive down bringing whoever can fit in the truck and wants to come from Southern Maine. If I can't... well, I'll be should be able to make a gathering in Massachusetts and I'll definitely be able to attend one in Maine (since I'll probably be hosting after all).

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Directions to the Citadel:


From points north (easy but longer)- Take 95 South into CT. get off at Groton exit 86 (Rt 12/Sub Base). At bottom of exit turn left onto Rt 12/Long Hill Road. Go about a mile, the Citadel is on the right, just after the Japanese steak house.


From points north (little more complicated but somewhat shorter)- Take 495 south, to exit 25 (290West/Worcester). Take 290West through Worcester (pronounced Woooster) until 290West turns into 395South. Continue along 395South to exit 79A(Rt2A/Mohegan Sun casino). Follow 2A past the casino and across the Thames river. At traffic light turn right onto Rt 12. Continue down Rt 12 taking in the senic sights such as Dow-Chemical plant, the New London Submarine Base (just ignore the fact that it's really in Groton), and cross under I95. Amile after the I95South on ramp you will see the Citadel on the right, just after the Japanese Steak House.


From points south- Take 95N to exit 85(Thames St/Downtown Groton). Bear left on off ramp. Slight right at light onto Rt 12/Long Hill Road. Go about a mile, the Citadel is on the right, just after the Japanese steak house.



I gave two methods from the North as it can be a pain getting to I95 as well as dealing with the traffic in Providence. If anyone needs more detailed directions, or is coming in from another direction the west, then let me know and I can personalize it for you. I tried mapquest from various places and the direction are pretty good. I mean, its not the way I would drive but it will get you there.

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And the only other thing I can think of to cover is supplies. I'm sure everyone is going to bring their own. I know I sure will aand I've got no problem shareing. I just wanted to let you know the one thing the Citadel doesn't have the greatest selection of is paints. Pat has an ok selection of propaints, but the only MSPs are in the LTP kits, plus a few assorted bottles (flesh tones IIRC). He sells some of the Reaper Taklon brushes and some spray primer and sealer, and I think I remember seeing some Armory paints in there as well. It just soen't sell well enough down here (yet)for him to carry the complete lines. But he will special order anything for customers.

As far as minis, he stocks all of the Dark Heaven Legends, a fair (but not complete) selection of Warlord, and some CAVs. He also has a ton of the other lines (Battletech, Heavy Gear, Ral Partha, Citadel, Legend of the 5 Rings, Enigma, Grenadier) and a bunch of other stuff that I can't remember. I do think that quite a bit is old and may not be in production anymore.

And he has role playing, and more board games than you can shake a stick at.


The downstairs has a bunch of "common use" games that have been left behing over the years. He won't sell them because they were bought and left by someone else (too bad cause the is a box of Dark Heaven Apocolypse that I have been coveting for a while) that can be used.


As for playing Warlord, there is probably enough space to do that in addition to painting. I've got some figs and books, I have yet to play. I seem to have been more of a collector then painter/gamer lately.


Hey, look I'm over a hundred posts now. That averages to about 25 a year. I must be a slow bloomer.

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  1. I will commit to the Saturday only.
  2. I will contact the store to arrange advertising onsite and to schedule a Paint and Take and Speed Painting Contest.
  3. I will provide the needed supplies, including prizes for these.
  4. I will share my paints, complete sets of both Reaper lines.
  5. I will advertise this on the Reaper Home Page: Black Lightning Events Listing as well. This means if the store is a registered location they'll get it advertised on all Reaper pages.

I doubt I will be able to 2 or 5 before Gen Con, things here are just too tight time-wise.


possibly, if hubby is interested, we may be able to provide CAV and/or Warlord demos that afternoon as well, no promises, we haven't discussed it yet.

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Isn't this how conventions are born? :unsure:


This is how New Englanders survive winter actually from what I've seen. Cram in as much as possible before the snow and cold hit so that you can spend the whole winter saying "Hey you remember back in October at the Connecticut Reaperfest when...?"


There's also the whole, we've been plotting for how long?

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