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Wedding Angels


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Hi All,


I painted these 2 angels (2428 Angel of peace and 3151 Achiah, Male Angel) as a wedding gift for some friends. Even though I started early I still ended up being rushed at the end. :rolleyes:

Whats good, bad and ugly?


I have been a long time lurker and drooler in these forums. I decided to take the plunge with pics of these angels, which my husband claims is my best work so far.









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Fun! But Good bad & ugly... hmm.. I hate being a critic...


Very Nice color scheme on the male.

Nice eyes.

Nice Skin.


Good flow on the female but Robe, Wings, and clouds seems a little rushed.

A gradual buildup would balance them as opposed to the stark contrast and break.


But again, the color scheme on the make is solid! And clouds are WAY HARD to do!

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Good stuff here.


What's good to note: Clouds are good. Cherub, and the harp.


Suggested things to work on: The blending on the green cape is good but more midtones would be good. Maybe some white on the feathers.

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Very nicely done! I like the clouds and the wings a lot, perhaps they could be brought up just a touch more. Other than that, these are both very well done and I would love to see more of your work! Glad to see you come out of the shadows and start posting!

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