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I've been looking ALL through my CAV books ( rulebook, JORs 1 & 2 ) and I can't find the answer to my question.


Some weapons have a "AA" mode listing, noting they are designed for anti-aircraft use. This implies they somehow negate a penalty for firing at air units or something...


So, then, what ARE the rules for firing at air units with AA vs non-AA capable guns/missles etc?


I checked all my books, and I can't find a rule anywhere... >.<



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Crusoe, look in the scenario rules in the JoR#1. There's one called Hyrbid Flight which deals with gunships and air units flying at altitude and at speed (as opposed to NoE which is usual).


During this mode, everyone can draw LoS/LoF to the gunship in question, but must add 2 inches to the range to signify the increased pull of gravity upon the slug/missile/bolt caused by the increased elevation.


Weapons with the AA notation don't suffer this penalty, and they also gain an additional +2 for Target Lock attempts against air units in Hyrbid Flight mode.


Hope this helps.


*Leaves puddle of drool and half chewed shoe behind*

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