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Pre-Made light tent thingy


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That's a touch pricey, but not too bad, I suppose since it includes lights.


You can get light cubes on e-bay for about $15-25 including shipping for the smaller models (12" or 20"). I got one, and it seems to work fairly well. Just search for "light cube".



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This one comes with lights, stands and a tripod though. Not a bad deal with all of that thrown in.


$80? Bleh!


My tripod was $8, I can buy lamps like those for $8, print out a background for $3, and I made something like that out of cardboard boxes, paper, duct tape, and a glue stick. It looks much better than it sounds. That's perhaps $30, and that's assuming you didn't own any lights - so how do you paint?


I need to revise my photography tutorial. Too bad my camera is on life support now.

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I have one that is similar to this one. It is a version earlier. MichaelG also had one at his photography seminar at ReaperCon.



1) collapsible

2) nice backgrounds (better, I think than computer generated printouts)

3) readily transportable



1) this one is pricey, watch for them on eBay

2) lights get *hot*, one of mine smells like it is burning after 10 minutes of on time (solved by turning lights on when required and off when not)

3) may not handle big projects well (such as the GW LotR Balrog due to wingspan)


My current front page has a lot of pictures taken with this setup:




I like mine as I can put it up and take it down with minimal fuss and take it to tournaments where I can do pictures (such as at the Hillbilly Invitational):




I found this at amazon:




Has anyone used this item or similar items? It looks pretty ideal for mini and model photography.

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I'd like to know a bit more about this Wal-Mart version too. While I still swear by my home-made foamcore lightbox, it would be nice maybe to have a bit more "professional-looking" and compact apparatus for when I am taking pics beyond my "Reven-room".


I would really like to find a small set of portable photography lamps like those. What MiniWargamer said about the burning smell is something I think I'd want to avoid..but my Clamp-Lamps are a bit clumsy to be hauling out at the game shop when we have tournaments.

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Heh. My tripod alone cost $80, but then, it's the big tripod. The one pictured is maybe a $15 mini-pod. The box itself could be made out of the same plastic as milk cartons are made from, and I would think you're paying the most of the lights (which, being photo-quality lights will be hot and the replacement bulbs a buit pricey) and the name. Sun-Pak. I missed that earlier. They specialize in making flashes and dedicated flashes for SLRs.


You could achieve the same kind of setup for at least half the cost with a little legwork and searching. The mini-pods can be bought at Wal-Mart, Target, and Best Buy for about $10. Lights you can get at Wal-Mart for about $5 each. Reveal bulbs are what, $3 for a four pack? The plastic you can probably find at Hobby Lobby or Michaels for fairly cheap. Squares of colored felt can do in a pinch for the background, found at Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, or Michaels for less than $1 each.


In all, for convenience, I'd say it's okay, but not something I'd consider worth spending that much money on.

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I've seen this same setup for like $40....I just can't remember where. It looks like even Amazon has similar stuff in the 40 range.

Regardless, just do a search on the model number...you can probably find it in the $35-40 range....at which point it becomes a decent deal.

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As folks stated above, Wal-mart carries one exactly like that ebay auction http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=5030889 and can usually be found near their cameras. I got one of these last month for the forensic studio and they are nicely sized.


While going through Office Depot yesterday, I saw a much much smaller version (still with the builton carry case, lights and tripod) in their camera section. These are about single mini size.



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