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What i would like to see>


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Whats the deal with the tree rat? :oo:

Tree rat?! TREE RAT!!??  TREE RAT!!!


:blues::::sound of a hypodermic:::


:blues: It's okay folks. He's in sleepy land now. Nothing to see here.

Hey Michael

Did you know that in the MMORPG World of Warcraft (sceduled for summer next year) you can make your own mechanical treerats... äehm sorry squirrels?

I´ve heard that as a Druid you can even Shapechange in Sqirrels...

Doesen´t that sound awesome to you?!?


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Thats kinda nutty, but a fanged toothed white rabbit , now thats something. :p

Something else I thought would be cool was Dungeon traps, and gel-like creatures.


There's a long-standing gamer's joke that unscrupulous game store owners would take 2 small $2 figures that don't sell, melt them, and try and resell them at as one large $6 "Green Slime" mini.  :)


That dungeon traps thing would be pretty cool.




P.S: Does Reaper sell a "mimic"? that would be neat.

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I've said beore and i will say again: pack horses, pack mules, ect.

Well here's some more links:


From IronWind Metals (Formally Ral Partha)


Pack Animals


From my friends at Dragglestown:


Multiple Horses, Mule, Horse, Camel, Multiple Mules, Multiple Camels.


Hope this helps...


Yes, the Squirrel is cute :)



Thanks for the links, but I don't have a credit card and can't order online   :(

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Dwarven Forge makes some nifty traps and things.Kinda pricey though.


One of my buddies got a stuffed fanged rabit from an as of yet unamed female friend of his.I think its supposed to be the rabbit from Monty Python's "the Holy Grail".I believe he said she got it through Diamond P Distributors.


And for slime,and gelatinous creatures,well,theres always room for Jell-O! :laugh:

Seriously though,you could cast your own with a little bit of resin.One of my "Ill-get-around-to-it-someday" projects was to cast a resin Gelatinous Cube with a skeleton and a few peices of gold and silver glitter imbedded in it.Im not sure if the paint would survive immersion in semi cured resin though.

If I ever get up off my butt and do it Ill let you know how it turns out.

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P.S: Does Reaper sell a "mimic"? that would be neat.

I know Ral Partha had a great series of Mimics back in the day. They had a chest, a chair and a bed mimic. Very cool looking and there were non-mimic forms for each mini so you could surprise your players. I don't think they are available through Ironwind Metals but you might find some for sale somewhere if they have older stuff...


Sorry for all the non-Reaper links *grin* When you've collected minis as long as I have you come across almost everything.



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SkorpionDrache  thats a great ideal , I don't know whats wrong with me , I cast resin every week for my models ,and I've never thought of doing a Gel monster myself.I really like the ideal of the glitter imbedded in the resin. with diffirent dies you could create rainbow of diffrent looks.

very cool. :blues:

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Wargods stuff rox! I started painting up a unit this evening.  Now they need to crank out more To-Tanem so I can have a big ole army.


Oh yeah, if you go to the Croc website, there's an artist's gallery.  There's some stuff by some gal named Anne something-or-other...Her stuff's ok, if you like that kinda thing.  :p

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Once more, I'd love to see a few swashbuckling mice, like the chapter headings in the C.S. Lewis book Prince Caspian.


Note - You can take horse tails off GW cavalry when the WHFB players aren't looking and turn the mice into squirrels pretty easily, should your inclinations run that way... :oops:

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Gelatinous Cube?  Like this: Click here, beware CMoN pop-ups...


Peter even went so far as to get ROUND glitter for the gold pieces, that's attention to detail.  He had a big discusion at Wizards when he first made it and there's even a discussion over there now about how to mass produce them...


Squirrels?  Like this:


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