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Happy Birthday Reaper

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I cannot believe it has been 15 years! Through exceptional design to unrivalled customer service, and from beautiful paints to fun games, I have always been pleased with you wonderful folks.


When I think of Reaper, my mind’s eye does not see a company. What I do think of though, is a consolidation of some of the best people I have ever spoken with, written to, or given my hard-earned money to. The heart of any business is its people, and Reaper is awesome!


Reaper’s success is not accidental; in fact, it is well earned and highly respected. From the dirtiest workspace to the cleanest restroom, every individual effort has taken another step on the journey of success. Every single job has resulted in bringing mirth to a tumultuous world.


This post goes to every one at Reaper. It goes to all those that have made this the funnest hobby I can imagine! It goes to the living legends of the industry. It goes to those that are not yet a household name, yet give significant additions. It is for those that have passed, and to those who may just be starting. To all of you, to each of you, I thank you and I wish Reaper a very “Happy Birthday”.


:bday: Too bad you're so far away, or I'd fire up the grill for a Bar B Q! :bday:

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Well, look at that... celebrating independence for the US AND Reaper's anniversary! What a day...


From the bottom of my hobby-heart: thanks for all the great times, Reaper. If I had realized it was the big 15th, I would have baked you a cake... or painted a pewter cake in the very least. I'll just have to settle for playing a dedicated round of Warlord.


Here's to all of you!

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if not for Reaper & ReaperCon, I'd probably just be stuck in state for get aways & such, ha ha



Happy Birthday to best damn miniature company out there, you guys make work looks like one hell of a good time!!!



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Whooo sweet... Happy Birthday Reaper, I found out about Reaper when CAV had just came out... Now CAV's still going strong, Warlord is here and awesome, and there's a ton more DHL figures! not to mention there's still quite a bit on the horizon! Keep it up!

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