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Babes and Bullets

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Add some red fingernail polish to help deter from the "man hands". Ghetto booty and man hands, damn that is a burly girl. I think you go the blonde hair spot on; well thought, putting the seam up the back of her stockings.

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Thanks, guys. She's supposed to be a prohibition era fig, I think. She would have seems in her stockings from that era. Red fingernail polish is a good idea; I had considered that myself.


Glad you like the hair.


No, the gun isn't finished. I just put a bit of inking on it so I could see it better.

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After looking at Meg's waggas, I decided to try her "hair" method. I used linen white to up the highlights just a tad more, then a mix of Sepia Ink and Buckskin Pale as a wash to smooth the transitions. I think the Suicide Blonde is even closer to true than before.


I've also started working on her nails, though not much as yet.



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I'll take "pretty pictures" later and put them in Show Off. For the time being, here's the completed mini:




The base was created using a brass plate with a flower and leaf pattern. I cast the pattern using ApoxySculpt onto a round 40K base, primed it and then painted the pattern. I used RMS Brown Liner on the bottom of the base. The cat was added to give a bit more drama to the piece. Hope you like her.

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