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ATTENTION Vista Ridge Warlord players

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Paul Ogletree, the main black lightning store rep, has accepted a new position in his company that is changing his work schedule around.


He asked me to share with you that he will no longer be available on Wednesday nights. He will now be up at Vista Ridge on Friday nights.


This is not to say that you cannot continue to go and play on Wednesday nights. But, it is saying that the shift in support will obviously weigh more on Friday nights from now on, for the foreseeable future.


The tourney on the 14th will still be on the 14th.


Just for the heck of it, please respond here letting others know your general intentions of whether you are leaning towards still going out on Wednesday nights, or if you will migrate to Friday nights.

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first off --> gratz to Paul


As for my intention, I will still be coming up on wednesdays, as I cannot make fridays, unless if hell freezes over (I'm a delivery driver for I Fratelli Pizza, EVERYONE works on fridays) though if it does, ill make an appearence.


also, I have some daylight hours off during the weekends, so if anyone wants to try to get in a game then, I can be open (read: sometime before dinner)

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