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Which came first, CAV or Warlord(image intense)

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This is the board that we used at ORIGINS as a demo board. It was built in reaction to the conversaion on the board a few months back on weither CAV decended from the Warlord world or if the Warlord world were decendents from a CAV universe colony. It was mentioned by Mr Pugh that the dwarfs found a GGC and a zillon rounds of ammo. Now we know where they found it.


more pics






dwarfs attacking




fighting under the monument

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The main body of the Rhino only took a couple of hours with the combined effort of castlebuilder and myself. the board and the the arms were another 8 spread out over several days.


I'm going to try and bring it to GENCON to show it off. But I don't we'll have the table space to actually set it up and have a game on it.

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