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Why Not New Figures?

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03218: Orc Warboss by Jason Wiebe is an awesome figure.


But I recently bought and have finally assembled and primed some odd twenty black orcs. I don't need another orc to paint. If this sucker was available prepainted though, I'd buy him. Non generic pose, lots of character.


But I suspect that we're going to be seeing the older stuff first for a long time to avoid eating into the sales of the new stuff, which in a round about way, does showcase the tremendous potential of plastics if they can take away same sales for a figure.


But I could be completely wrong. Just want that sucker painted and ready to play.

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The funny thing is, you could probably buy that mini, pay someone to paint it to a decent standard, and it would likely still be cheaper than buying the GW alternative.


I like to bash GW as much as the next guy but my black orcs (20 0f 'em) cost like $40/$45 at most, not counting discount.


And the current orc hero, if I'm remembering correctly, has a ton of variety.

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I don't really mean to bash GW, I have my own O&G army which has a unit of 20 blorcs. In fact I got them in the plastic army box before they were released individually, because they're just that cool.

I'm just making the observation that while a PPM version of the orc warlord would be nice, it probably wouldn't be too expensive to get it painted to a decent gaming standard. I do hope LE covers a variety of minis, but it's unlikely that we'll be able to see the entire DHL line done in PPM. I assume they can really only make an investment in the minis they know will sell, which means we'll most likely be seeing a variety of older DHL minis. At least to start with.

On the subject of the GW orc bosses I found that the plastic kit had decent enough variety and is of course easily convertible, but the end result looks too much like a unit champion, not a ferocious orc warlord. I personally prefer the metal bosses (though I'm not a fan of the price tag), and I have to agree that the Wiebe Warlord looks brilliant. I'd just like to see a better shot of his face.

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Well, a Gnoll Archer is being released. I don't recall a Gnoll Archer other than 3190...


And apparently, According to ReaperRon, I should have said Gnolls. There are going to be 2 in the late 2007 release (think 4th quarter), one with a bow and one with a melee weapon.
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