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Game Systems - Static or ever-changing?


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Would people still be playing Rogue Trader, if GW had stuck with it for 20 years?

Rouge Trader got morphed into WH 40K


so in a sense, it is still around....

of COURSE the rules are far swung gone!


EDIT: lemme add this: i see alot of folks opinions seeping in as well as Reaper patriotism..not bad! i like to see this stuff, as your opinions are fun and patriots do us all good, but...it is a tangent. honestly, updates are good, stasis is bad in general. but as far as the game market and th elif eof games itself, let me say my two bucks:


"do not undersetimate the power of the emperor, or suffer your father's fate, you will!"


GW and WotC are churnign out tons of mediocre product and makign bank on it. their target audiecne has widened so that i really can't pin down a demographic, but i can tell you one thing:

people listen to pop becasue that swill is what is on, so...

being that it's what's on, they like it by HABIT.


same goes fantasy that is well advertised and easily available.

you can get DnD at Waldenbooks or Hastings, same goes YuGiOh and magic...

GW is more limited in availability, but i have only ever seen one gamestore that DIDN'T have it...

(Excalibur Games, if you are reading this, *smooch!*)


in short, if you are loud and obnoxious, you will still get attention even if you are a fool.


these guys are the pimps of the gameworld, and rule because of their advertisement to all takers...


(PS: if you want life by fan loyalty, play historicals...)


Reaper lives because it has been passively attached to WotC and the RPG market in general...good call! RPG's are not yet dead, nor is mini painting, but inflation and agressive capitalism can throw a rock in the lake of special interest markets...Change is coming, i can see a trickling in parts unseen by the average consumer...and it may be a lifestream or a destructive flood, all things depending.

my advice: spend your money wisely. This company will only stay around as long as a multitude supports it.

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