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A few I think. Only one that pops into mind are the aliens from the Kryomek line.


http://www.scotiagrendel.com/kryo1.html - not a fantastic site. There is still a guy who has the license in the US and sells them.


There is also a starcraft boardgame due out soon. I have no idea what scale the figures will be




Also - the Koralon from iKore


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I have a working email and price list from the US manufacturer of Kryomek. I recommend buying a pack or two of the Hellions, which might serve as zerglings. The Warriors have legs, so no good for hydralisks, but the Warmasters might work for that with some customisation. Check out the Koralon, they have a lot of serpentine aliens.

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Honestly, I thought the prototypes looked like crap.


I could be thinking of something else though, since the WotC metal Star Wars minis from the same era are spiffy.


I will buy the heck out of the Starcraft board game when it hits, triple digits or no.

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