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Cool Idea for the Computer Minded


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just so I'm using the kuler site right, you take colors & see if they look good together?


Basically yeah. It's mostly just a fancy color wheel, but if you do a lot of graphics work on your computer, it comes in handy since it lists a whole bunch of color values for each color, like RGB, CMYK, Hex, Lab, etc. You can also download a swatch palette to import into Photoshop or Illustrator. I use it a lot if I need to design a color scheme around a companies logo, a still or something like that.

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I keep an index card for each figure I paint tracking the colours I used for future reference. If I'm shaky on the colour scheme, I'll start by doing three or four sketches of the figure and then paint in colours. My sketches are blobby and not at all artsy (as opposed to those by Derek Schubert, who suggested the idea to me), but as the point is simply to see how a colour scheme works when you've got this colour on the big cloak and that one for the tiny pouches and so on, it works pretty well.


I keep a notebook with a list of colors that I've used on a mini as well (along with some other information). I'm currently using a Circa notebook (from Levenger), but I've been thinking about switching to a Moleskine book like this one and then painting a quick dab of color beside the color name. This particular Moleskine has heavier paper and purportedly will take acrylic. I hadn't thought of the sketching idea, but that might be a really good way to try out colors and record them as well. Thanks!


As far as kuler goes, I'll probably mostly use it for work, but I've been playing around with using it to pick a complimentary color scheme for one of my current minis. I need to get serious about playing with it though and holding up the tops of bottles of paint trying to get a feel for what colors are close to matching what is one the screen (and adjusting one or the other). Something to get me a rough idea of the colors that I might want to use.



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