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What makes up facial expressions?

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I have been working on an Urban Legend Sophie. I've also seen examples posted by others recently. The thing I've noticed is that each figure seems to have a different expression, even though they come from the same sculpt.


I'd like to know what makes expression? What makes a figure look saucy, sexy, defiant, bored, whatever? How do we get such a range of expression on what are often the same sculpts?

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Of course, you could extend this to play with skin color/mood on a figure---like hollowing out features by doing darker shadows---using rosy colors to impart a mood of happiness, using blues to give a calmer feel....etc...any kind of light play makes a difference.

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You've seen Dragonsreach's tutes on CMON, right Mel?





I usually make my minis have an angry expression, as I think it looks more kick-a$$ on the table. :poke:


I recently started a mini with a surprised expression though. That was fun.


For angry I make the eyes narrow and highlight the part of the brow between the eyebrows fairly high, then paint in some vertical creases to represent a furrowed brow. Oh and I show the bottom curve of the iris in the eye, so it looks like the head is tilted forward and the mini is glaring up through his brow. If you know what I mean.


For the surprised look, I did a little dremeling and took out some of the material under the brow (it was a dwarf with a heavy brow to begin with) and thinned the eyebrows so I could raise them. I also smoothed out the eye sockets so I could paint in the eyes that I wanted. I made the eyes really round and showed white all around the iris.


It's a fine line between surprise and abject fear, though.


Those are the two emotions I've done so far. I'd like to hear how other people do other emotions too.

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