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Glad to be working w/ reaper

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Necromancer is proud to be working w/ the best Miniatures company in the industry! We will be recommending Reaper models to use when playing our modules and will post lists here and on our site. We are happy to say that Reaper has been most kind in discussing with us out new models to meet the needs of out table top gaming fans. Let us (or Reaper) know what models would help make your excursions into our dark catacombs more enjoyable; after all, its far more fun to eat those adventurers with a Type II Demon than with an improvised huge d6 or bottlecap!


Pfd downloads of Reaper's line of minis matched with Necromancer's dungeons will be appearing shortly. I encourage you all to check thses out! Have fun, and good hunting!

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I second frosh...


they are clearly using dnd & dndparody language, but ...


isn't the classic dnd republished under HackMaster?


Do we need another dnd parody? what's going on? I still have all my first edition books anyway, so I'm not too worried about needing to pick up a dnd parody game (it parodies itself just fine)


but I AM excited if the classic demons / devils are going to be figified by Reaper. I've been waiting for the day!!!

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Classic D&D is our theme. We are the "First Edition Feel" guys. Lots of dungeon crawls, Gygax, Kuntz, Bledsaw etc. We hold the rights to Judges Guild, and are working w/ Gary too. Lots of dice...lots of combat...old-school D&D.


We also have a great many (15 at last count) modules out; with many more to come. Take a look at our site (see above post); and we will be linked here soon!

Bill Webb

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