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Bilesuck WIP

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Are you going to work on these Thursday at GP?


I'll be working on the same project as last week.

Not this week, I have some final things to get ready for a big battle event that I am running this Saturday. I may bring it next week.


I say you make the plume pink and purple, because having seen him in combat I can honestly say he is ghey!


Hey Ken, you going to Gen Con?

I agree on the seeing him in action :blink:


No, won't be at Gen Con, can't take the time off this year.

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Did some more work on the big guy last night, even with the injury throbbing away :angry:


I highlighted up the straps some more, and put the base color on the filigree on the armor. I was going to do a bone color on them, but after basing about three of the plates, I did not like the way they looked. So I based them all in scorched metal, I will probably do them a goldish color

Click thumbs for bigger pics.






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