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Images in your Sig Files


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We (the Mod Staff) love how sig files express our individuality and share insight to our personalities.


We're having a problem with the sizes of the images that are found in several of the members sig files.


We're requesting members review our sig images policy since we have had a lot of new images added recently.



Additionally, all sig images must comply with the general forum/board rules whose link is found at the top of every page.


Help us out please, let's get those images back into compliance before we have to go policing and/or editing your files.


Thank you,

the entire Mod Staff

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Top Posters In This Topic

What should be the MAXIMUM size for pictures in our posts? Buglips just taught me how to upload them to the forum but they are giant. I'm guessing that should be changed and he's explained how to do that too, but now I need to know (and I'm guessing it would be helpful for other newbies here too) what the largest picture is.


And FWIW- I have no idea what you mean by "please keep them under 4k, 2k is better". Technical spec numbers have never made sense to me so if you could type slow so I could understand it I would really appreciate it. ::D:



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