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Collapsed Bridge in Minneapolis


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Crazily, it doesn't seem a fraction as bad as it could have been. 50 cars on the bridge, I'd be hard pressed to say there were more than 100 people involved considering the way people drive here. Kids in the bus fine and only six dead.


I ended up near there dropping someone off at the Metrodome which is fairly close. Lots of emergency vehicles going through a little over an hour after it happened.


In other good news, I don't drive that part of the city, so I can still get to work...waitaminnit...

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six confirmed dead at this time and recovery efforts will continue for a while. I think we're lucky that it wasn't as bad as it could have been.


I found out that my (pregnant) sister-in-law sometimes takes that route home but she decided not to take that route tonight. She would have most likely been on the bridge at the time of collapse if she had taken that route today.


Chris (Krztoff) works about 15 blocks from there. Luckily he gets on 35W just a little south of the bridge. I hope everyone else in the area is home safe and my heart goes out to those affected.

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seen this one on the news last night, hope that everyone on here from that area is safe & sound


seems like allot of wide spread damage but fatalities are low, good to hear thou 0 fatals would have been better


sad bit on the local news, I think the Bronco sports report was longer then the coverage on the bridge (area is still fascinated with that dang Fiesta Bowl win :rolleyes: )


ok, just readin the cnn report I seen this


Gov. Tim Pawlenty said the bridge was inspected in 2005 and 2006 and no structural defects were found.


but it later says this--


A 2001 study conducted by the Minnesota Department of Transportation found "several fatigue problems" in the bridge's approach spans and "poor fatigue details" on the main truss.


so did they just ignore that 01 report?



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