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WL tourney, Vista Ridge in Lewisville, TX

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Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Come one.. Come all... Test yer will and might against the best in the land. Tis a grrrand tourney this way be com'n...


Gather yer forces and start the marching drums. This be a match that ya just doonn wanna miss.


On the 15th day of the Moon of Septembre, the flags of ni and far shall be fluttering in the breezes around the pastures of Lewisville, TX. Ye better find the good grazing land fer yur steeds early, as you want them ready and fit for the battles that lay ahead.


If youz have the sacks enuf to show up, ye could be rewarded with a handsome set er bobbles and jingles, but the digger 'll size you up for your headmarker just in case as well.


So, give a las farewell smooc to yur lass and com parley with a few friends that day.




On a serious note:


Warlord Tourney

Note on Points and army list builds: You can bring a valid 1750 point list. We will be playing 1500 point lists. You will be able to make changes to ONE TROOP with models from your 1750 into your 1500 between rounds. Any changes will still have to be validated.


Saturday Sept. 15th, noon to probably close...

Sign in starts at 11am, deployment at 11:50am, carnage at noon high.


GameWyze in the Vista Ridge Mall

in Lewisville, TX


Visit the link below for the thread with scenarios. We will be playing 3 scenarios from the ones listed here. Also, check back as more might be added, as I think of them.


Sept 15th Tourney Scenarios



Thanks and respond if you think you can make it so I can make sure to have an appropriate number of tables ready.

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yes, no one will know which 3 of te 8 scenarios will be played until that day, but all will be playing the same scenarios at the same time, on whichever table they are on.


Accordingly, I tried not to have any of the scenarios be terrain specific.

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Doing another bump, and also an update to let you know that I have removed a couple of the scenarios fom the scenario thread, so it will be a little easier to plan for what you might expect to play.


Pleae dont forget that you can bring 1750 points for the 1500 point tourney, but can only make changes to ONE troop between rounds.


Woking on prize support now, and hopefully will have some form of update on that at my next bump.

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Well unfortunately, we only had 3 players show up. So, I played to even things out.

But, everyone that did come said they had a great time and enjoyed the scenarios played.


Thank you very much to those that showed. To the rest, hopefully, next time things will work out better.


Here are a couple of the guys foraging thru my prize box for their rewards..




On a positive note, I took about 1000 pictures and did a little pictorial for each battle that happened. So, if you want to go see the pictures and write up that I did for them, just follow the links below...


Report: Game 1a

Report: Game 1b


Report: Game 2a

Report: Game 2b


Report: Game 3a

Report: Game 3b

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