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Printers bad for your health?


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Check out this article.


Kind of worries me, since at my job there three printers on my left within 10 feet, and another about three feet in front of me, and another three just to the right of my cube, not to mention the dozen+ others in other parts of the office. And we print a LOT. I alone am either given or print myself two inches of paper daily. Now some of those may be inkjet, but not too many.


Freaky stuff.

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Living is bad for your health. You might as well just give up now. Everything causes cancer and it's all our own fault. :devil::ph34r:

And the World is Out to get you..... :devil::ph34r::blink:


I have with in a short walk of my cube at least 13 printers, on of which with special magnetic toner for printing Checks..... Maybe I should forward this article to our IT people....

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Imagine what using the soft, chalk pastels do, then. It's what I use for some of my artwork, and when I blow my nose afterwards, or sneeze, it's multicolored!


Seriously, I sit less than 10 feet from five laser printers. We lick our brushes or sculpting tools, inhale menthalated eucalyptus when we have a cold (read what's in Halls sometime), and drive cars we know will kill us if we just close the garage door while it's running. We buy "fresh" fruits and veggies from the market on the assumption that they're safe to eat (even the organics can be questionable), and catch fish from lakes and rivers that are supposedly clean while boats cruise around on them (take a look around a marina at the lovely, rainbow-hued water sometime).


How much are we deluding ourselves?


</start sarcasm>


Let's just quit technology, build dirt-floor log cabins (no more toxic floor cleaners!), and use outhouses (where methane gas can build up eventually) instead of having indoor plumbing. We can learn how to make stone tools for cutting, but, wait, that might harm the environment, so we can't use rocks that might provide a home for some poor, hapless roly-poly. We must preserve the environment in as clean a manner as possible, so let's take cues from the primates and folllow their lead.


Any other option is DOOM, DOOM! to the environment I tell you! Repent your evil, techno ways and follow the true path of enlightenment.


What? These shoes? Probably made in some sweatshop in China by some underpaid and abused 12 year old. Why do you ask?


</end sarcasm>


I like talking to you people. Without the internet, printers, computers, and electricity I wouldn't be able to call ya'll friends. :upside:

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I have 4 printers I can see from my desk - 3 within arm's reach. When I'm proofing a book or catalog, I can print 300-400 pages per day.


I figure if it's not my car, the air I breathe, the water I drink, the soda, the burgers, the pesticides on the salad, or some strain of bird flu, something else will get me.


It must be scientific fact that there is nothing in the universe that couldn't kill you if it tried hard enough.

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I'd like one ticket to outer space, please. If this planet's gonna kill me, I want go to a different one.


Well okay, maybe I'll stay here. I hear open flames in an oxygen rich enviroment is a bad idea and they haven't invented a cigarette that lights itself via spontaneous combustion.

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