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Transporting cavs


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ouch.  that is exactly what I hope to avoid.


I did buy the Army Transprot Case from the Reaper Store, it should arrive tomorrow.


we will be flying and I would prefer to carry my bag on instead of checking it.  


Any experience or advice about bringing CAV with you to share?


cbs :upside:

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I had my AT case inside my suitcase, and I packed my clothes and stuff around it. Aside from where two Ogres were rubbing together, they were fine.


In fact, getting the BT case sent via FedEx did more damage than the luggage handlers did (one Gladiator has a very bend arm).


I'd advise you put a fragile sticker on your case/bag/whatever. Other than that I've not had any bad experienced, once I stopped using Chessex cases anyway :o)

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Normally I have no problems with pistol cases.  However, the happy airline types on the way back from Origins made me check one of mine.  Everything slid to the back of the case, and I had like 8 CAVs snapped and bent in various places, as well as pretty much all my Psyros shattered.

Say Oberfroschmeister,


Did you cut any compartments into the foam, or were the pieces just sandwiched between foam pieces?  The foam I use is essentially 3 layers.  The bottom and top layers are solid, and the middle has compartments cut into it, which are basically square holes forming a 4x6 grid to hold 24 CAVs.  I have never had problems with figures sliding around or becoming broken with this case.


... then there's the night vision googles case (just the case+foam) my military buddy gave me.  That case is so durable you could run it over with a truck and your figs would still be ok.

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