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Minis we'd like to see


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02439: Urji, Arab Pirate

02508: Rudiger Pirate Lord

03128: Sela Windsprite, Elf Pirate

03130: Isabella Florentina

03135: B'thuhl, Bathalian Pirate

03144: Captain Wilmont Silver

03152: Peg Leg Pete, Pirate Cook

03155: Vandora Waverunner, Pirate

03156: Turuk Stronghull, Minotaur

03164: Captain Hook

03176: Blackbeard, Pirate

03188: Gagnar Scragslayer, Half Orc Pirate

03211: Goblin Pirate and Powder Monkey

10024: Pirates of the Dragonspine Sea II


There. Hows that?


I'm kind of hoping that we'll start to see the occasional custom sculpt for LE as well - and Pirate would be a good first choice.


BTW folks - when asking for something as generic as Pirates, kit's new figure finder makes it a lot easier - just cut and paste.

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There. Hows that?


I dunno, I think you may have missed one ::P:


I'm kind of hoping that we'll start to see the occasional custom sculpt for LE as well - and Pirate would be a good first choice.


I do too, but I think it's a fairly safe bet we will be seeing existing Reaper figures for a good bit. At least until we see LE really take off and remain stable, otherwise, why pay the commission for a sculpt when you already own so many.


Which is the whole point of this thread.

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Here's a list of potential stock, classic dungeon beasties:


2331 Rat Swarm

2889 Dire Rats

2544 Barrow Rats


2417 Giant Spiders

3055 Giant Spiders

2784 Giant Spider

3049 Huge Spider


2081F Bat Familiar

2739 Dire Bat

266B Two Bats


2492 Scarab Swarm

2564 Giant Scarab Beetle

2844 Acid Beetle


2332 Lizards

2665 Killer Frogs

2675 Giant Snake

2691 Stirges

2695 Carnivorous Fungus Patch

2830 Wolf Pack

2878 Dire Bear





















I'd like to see some low level critters - like rats, beetles, centipedes, snakes, bats, spiders, etc.


It would be great if they were to come out in pairs, one set with the normal critters and then a larger "dire" version of the same creature. That way you could have, for example, a horde of normal rats and then a giant rat as a boss/leader.


These are definitely classic "legendary" type of encounters. Many of have great memories of our first level characters being killed off by relatively mundane beasties. :rolleyes:




Okay, we all know it's going to start. People are already clamoring for figures they would like to see done as part of the Legendary Encounters line. We all know that Reaper has been wonderful about listening to our feedback. Although they may already have the line plotted out for quite some time (it would be foolish to think they wouldn't have a fixed plan for the start of a new line), that doesn't mean we can't chip in our two cents for things we'd like to see done in the future.


Given there is already a huge source of existing models between DHL and WL and CAV, it also seems likely that seeing a sculpt specifically for the LE line might be awhile in coming, so...


Which existing Reaper Models would you like to see in plastic?


If the model doesn't exist, it's probably best to make your suggestion in the Reaper General Fantasy Minis We'd Like to See volume 7 until a time when we start seeing some new sculpts, specific to the Legendary Encounters line, then we can start adding those in.


Let's try to keep the guidelines for that thread similar for this one:

Keep the off topic chatter to a minimum.

Try to make the suggestion clear, and at the start of the post. Add your supporting text in another paragraph. If this is ever compiled, it will make the job of that person MUCH easier.

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My picks, broken down into two catagories.


Top 10 PC figures:


Freya Fangbreaker 14085 (best female dwarf figure ever)

Nogrin, Dwarf 14325

Jadea Half Orc 3215

Bergan Sunblaze 3185 (best priest figure ever)

Sarah the Seeress 3073

Dorian Starbrow 2985

Piers, Young Mage 2836

Kurff the Swift 2689

Fitch Coincatcher 2545

Laurel Silverlocks, Bard 2458


Top 20 NPC/Monster figures:


Hobgoblin Warriors 3040

Goblin Leader & Shaman 2876

Hill Troll 2851

Mountain Troll 2877

Gragg Elfslayer 2726

Ghouls & Ghast 2450

Bugbear Warriors 2818

Kobold Leader & Sorcerer 3024

Ogre Boss 3162

Townsfolk I

Townsfolk II

Townsfolk V

Murkillor 2525

Monique De Noir 2551

Vlad the Deceiver 2569

Black Legionnaire 2465

Tobias Dark Specter 2302

Necromancer 3138

Gabriel Darkblood 2985

Matthias the Twisted 2867 (I love how creepy he looks)





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I like painting miniatures, and I think characters, monsters, major villains, and other special things should look good (prepainted minis never look good). I'm always going to buy a metal miniature and paint it myself instead of buy a prepainted plastic miniature. However, anything that would be a grunt or adept in Warlord (basically anything you would need lots of) is better as prepainted plastic. They're cheeper (10 metal orc warriors cost a lot more than 10 plastic orc warriors), I don't have to paint them so I can spend more time giving character/monster/villain minis proper paint jobs, and they don't need to look good so the bad prepaint jobs aren't a problem. I say Reaper should just do grunt and adept miniatures for LE and leave the rest as metals.

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The problem with your suggestion, Shadowdragon, is that not everyone wants to paint or can paint very well. Grunt miniatures tend to be very plain, bland sculpts. If only grunts were released in LE, the non-painters would not have any dynamically sculpted prepainted pc/adventurer figures available to them.





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Alrighty, took a looky-loo through all the DH line, and I'd like to see:



2288: Garnuk the Ogre

2312: Vourgha, Ogre Leader

2354: Medusa

2385: Dwarven Bear Cavalry

2421: Hill Troll

2486: Ogre Mage

2488: Cave Troll Champion

2496: Swamp Shambler

2467: Gnoll Marauders

2469: Bugbear Warriors

2505: Hiroku, Samuria of Okura

2517: Hooked Terror

2537: Orankar, Ogre Boss

2542: Bulgoth, Cave Troll King

2592: Gnarr Bloodgristle, Gnoll Champion

2599: Frost Giant

2647: Gunther, Fire Giant

2672: Clawed Devil

2685: Mohng, Formorian Giant

2710: Goblin Wolf

2712: Eye Beast

2728: Iron Golem

02770: Lunkh Bullhoof, Hill Giant

2786: Mash, Half Ogre Barbarian

2794: Oriental Dragon

2817: Moor Hound

2818: Bugbear Warriors

2828: Thornback Troll

2833: Medusa

2851: Hill Troll

2868: Eldritch Demon

2877: Mountain Troll

2953: Cyclops

3029: Sasquatch

3101: Gronk Spliteye, Bugbear Hero

3162: Kagunk, Ogre Boss

3168: Vanja, Fire Giant Queen

3205: Friar Stone, Travelling Monk

Krug, Giant Cheiftain

Korkug, Bugbear Bully



Mainly monsters, but there are some really cool PC types I will list later.

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02476: Lorna The Huntress

02608: Tyden, Barbarian

02623: Sheya, Shield Maiden

02687: Female Barbarian

02070: Princess Leslie

02164: Marda Of the Blade

02201: Nadia Of The Blade

02528: Kara, Female Archer

02759: Dena, Female Barbarian

02773: Tana, Female Barbarian

02798: Korin, Barbarian

02808: Taryn, Spearmaiden

03038: Oksana, Viking Maiden

02939: Viking Girl


These are the ones I want to see the most, aside from generic orcs and humans.

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Character minis


DDM does not provide nearly enough mounted minis. Minis packs that display the same character mounted and unmounted would be excellent


2300: Dryfuss, Mounted Lancer

02235: Vanessa Redstorm

02239: Mia Hartstorm

02261: William Drakehart

02273: Derek The Tall

02294: Thorondil of Kragmar

02346: Anhurian Cavalryman

03096: Paladin & Pegasus

14213: Lady Devonna, Crusaders Mage

14226: Sir Danel, Crusaders Captain

14433: Ursula, Dwarven Bear Rider Captain

14375: Volendria, Mounted Female Archer

14258: Count Lorenth,Overlords Captain

14249: Atifa, Nefsokar Cleric



I am also, with a few exceptions, not impressed with the selection and execution of the female DDM minis. These I would like to see as LE.


02552: Elisha Lights Edge

2304: Vanessa of the Blade

02810: Hyrekia, Sorceress

02930: Isedil, Elf Sorceress

02967: Alastria, Elf Sorceress

14022: Lysette, Elven Mage

02123: Christina The Devout

02163: Ahlissa Of The Blade

02232: Karina Of The Blade

02293: Mia of the Blade

61016: Stormwind

14311: Kassandra, Mercenaries Sergeant

14212: Kristianna, Crusaders Warlord

3217: Thandir, Elven Scout

3159: Aeslin Moonflower

14058: Lorielle, Mercenaries Hero



Giant minis. With the strong exception of the giant with the horned helmet (so Hollywood) I really like most of Reaper’s giants and DDM just does not make enough.


02579: Blorg, Hill Giant

02622: Frulla Krung

02647: Gunther, Fire Giant

02685: Formorian Giant

02770: Lunkh, Hill Giant

02953: Cyclops

03137: Nor'Okk, Ettin

03239: Krug, Hill Giant Chieftain



Minis for the Blackmoor campaign I am playing


02665: Killer Frogs

02630: Frogmen

03030: Toadman

03146: Frog Men (2)

03174: Mudcroak, Frogman Shaman

02763: Shrend, Alligator-man




I also just like the following


02264: David Williams

02918: Mason Thornwarden

14401: Crusader Ivy Crown Archer

14411: Khamsin Ranger

02873: Arran Rabin

3200: Benedikt Hellthorn, evil warrior

02230: Gwyneth Roanmane

14110: Centaur, Elven Solo

3185: Bergun Sunblaze, Sun Priest

02934: Wood Elf King




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