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Halloween Sophie FTW!

Lord Wehrmacht

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Heya folks!



Just finished Miss Sophie here. Im very happy with it, but please don't let that stop ya from Suggestions cause thats what I want! The thing I worked on here the most was highlighting correctly and believe it or not, speed. My goal was to paint her up in 1 calendar week. Welp.... I didn't quite make that, took me 2 extra days to pull it off but I did have a funeral in there somewhere to go to. Thanks goes to Anne who made me think that I was really painting slowly, as I watched her Maria model take shape in the WIP forums.


Again, torpedo at will.






Thanks again for all your input!



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Fabulous paint job, great color scheme. Really like the wings. If I had to be nit-picky (because you asked) I'd point out the right arm. Both the glove and the armband just seem kind of blah. Nothing necessarily wrong with them, just not up to the standard of the rest of the mini. But that may just be the photo, because the left glove looks fine.


Oh yes, and nice job on the pumpkin. The fabric is cool too, good highlights especially on the bra.

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