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Parents naming thier Kids Stupid names

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In all seriousness, I AM thinking about giving my next kid (if it is a boy) a strong Greek name, and start some sort of tradition...


Achillies. I dare you. ::P:



For a strong, male, Greek name, I've always been partial to Theron. It means "hunter." My second male cockatiel was Theron Damian. I've always liked that name, but I seriously doubt SD would go for it for our next child. :unsure:

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I worked as an group health insurance writer for years and have proccessed literally thousands of applications. We would have a name of the month for the oddest name that came through your new cases that month. My personal best was:


Flash Gordon


However, my brother in law topped that quite easily with one of his students. I will spell it phonetically for you


shi theed (one word two syllables). The kid knew exactly when his name was going to be called because the teacher would hesitate and he would pop out the correct pronuciation before the teacher spoke. Now the way I spelled it, it doesn't look so bad, however, push the two syllables back together and replace the second "e" with an "a" . Now how would you like to be saddled with that name?

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Thomas Henry (yes, EB, our eldest just has his name switched from your second choice) has a nice, normal name.


Henry Thomas is the name of my husband's father, grandfater and great grandfather. As I understand it only great grand-dad went by Henry. grampa was HT and dad is Tommy. My husband's mother didn't want him to turn out like granddad as I understand the story, so was against neming him Henry Thomas. So they went with 'Son of Henry Thomas', yes my husband's name is McHenry Thomas. We call him Mick. We get double junk mail. apparently this Keith McHenry guy has great credit.

So we will vaguely be breaking with tradition if we have 2 boys by having the 2nd one get the family name. And If I get my hope, we will have one boy and one girl and then we'll have killed that tradition.


I apparently was going to be Theckla Lurleen. A friend of my mom's who had moved before I was born saw us in the grocery store when I was like 16, and reconized my mom. "Hey, wow, is this little Theckla Lurleen." apparently he never got the memo.



As far as names that can't be mangled/shortened/stupidified... Adrienne, basic, simple-ish, sure no one can spell it, but no isue. My mom wanted a name that I couldn't have shortened into some cutesy nickname. So what cutesy nickname does my friend give me when we were like 8 (yeah, late 80's, early 90's) Aids... our parents were mortified, and we couldn't figure out why... the best part is many of my friends now call me AD, just saying the letters. its so much faster.


and my brothers still call me Adeen.

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Girls Names


Tempest Arianna. (Rianna, Ria, Ari, Aria) Or Gayle Ravyn


Boy's Name

Robert Thomas. I wanted Alexander Storm, but My Hubby Doesn't Like the name Alex.


And Before anyone says anything, Yes I know "Rob Thomas" I am not a Fan. Robert was my Father in law's First name (and my husbands Middle) and Thomas is my Father's name.


Odd name I have known or seen.

Icey Rivers

Daniel Danielson

Pete Peter Peterson

Ben Dover (Yes I actually Know some one with this name)

Chevy Ford (Girl)

Bambie Veronica

Candy Sweet

Sugar Sweet

H T Sweet

Harry Richardson

My Uncles Adoptive last name was "Smallwood" And I grew up with the Last name of Leach. My first name is not fun Either, Hence why I go by Cat and no it has nothing to do with my real name.

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I can't tell you the sheer number of bizarre, strange, and funny names I've seen as that would be disclosure.



However, in a PREVIOUS job:


Sandy Sheets

Fred G Dare (think Frigidaire)


Old school peer:


Major Thomas (his first name was Major). This guy got heavy ribbing, but he was very good natured about it.




Most of the other good ones I can think of are off-limits for posting due to having seen them in my current job. Looking through a phone book you can see all sorts of crazy names.

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While I didn't find anything about every household needing one Bubba in Alabama I did find this:


It is illegal to sell peanuts in Lee County after sundown on Wednesday.


Dumb Laws


And for Georgia:


No one may carry an ice cream cone in their back pocket if it is Sunday.


If you want to read your favorite book in public to your friends, do it before 2:45 AM.



Anyway, back on track with child names. I think some of the names parents name their children are just atrocious! I mean what are some people thinking? However, kids will always find a way to pick on someone because of their name.


I was often refered to as Maple Syrup, Maple-O (a cereal), Maple Leaf, Maple Tree, Marla (Trump's ex-wife), and the like. Kinda annoying after a while. Espcially being asked all the time by adults when I was growing up, "Oh, any relation to Marla?" Yeah, I'm related to Marla, that's why I live in American Suburbia <sarcasm>

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My husband knew a lady in WA. Becky Guzzler. She was in the Navy.



Oh dude! No way! She was enlisted?!?!?!


I really hope that was a maiden name. If it was her married name, my god, how much worse was her maiden name? It doesn't matter if a male or female has that last name, they are going to catch hell. That's one where you go right to probate court, change your last name, and pretend Guzzler never existed.


And honestly, I can think of several legitimate first names that would make Guzzler an ever worse last name.

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