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Parents naming thier Kids Stupid names

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In college, I hung out with a set of triplets for a few months... Absolutely gorgeous, of mixed Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, etc. descent. The mutts always seem to end up with the most interesting looks, y'know? They looked like they should've had fairy dust trailing behind them. Their mother, who was on some major medications, named them Brinka, Zarinka and Katrinka. I, in my profound constitutional smartassness, of course promptly renamed them Blinky, Slinky and Kinky, which perfectly fit their personalities. I also bought them each a stuffed Pac-Man, lol.



I get a whole lot of mispellings and mispronunciations myself. I mean yeah, my name is Irish, but it's not like it's *Irish* - I don't have six extra silent letters in it or anything. Most of the time, when people ask me how I spell my name, I just say, "The right way." I get it spelled every other possible way, but most people end up pronouncing it either "Seen" or "Shane"... My Hindu boss when I worked at the mall called me "Shan". A Hispanic coworker at my last job called me "Yawn", lol... she thought my name was John until she called me over to the announcement board where our machine assignments were posted, pointed to my name and asked me who that was... I had to explain that Sean, John and Juan were all the same name... (mi bonita amiga Luz no habla engles...)

My brother's email used to be r2me@..... It's astounding how many people can't figure out that a name starting with T-w-o is pronounced "2"... m-e-y is pronounced "mee". The most common mispronunciation is phonetically spelled something like Twoh-mee. Or twoh-MAY... I think I hit the person who pronounced it "Tummy" and made a fat joke to my face...sigh ::(:

I've often thought about actually changing my name to Jack.

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For more confusing government facts, PM me. If I can't tell you due to disclosure issues, I'll let you know.


Who really killed Kennedy? What did you guys do wth those aliens that crashed in New Mexico? Is Elvis really in the witness protection program?

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What is in a name?


How many people name their kids after known relatives and how many name their kids something interesting? My first name is from my uncle, my middle name from the man my mother was having an affair with when she got pregnant with me, and my last name is from the man she was married to (so his name went on my birth certificate).


Should names be meaningful, interesting, pay homage to a respected family member or favorite author? Or should it matter? If a person's name means something to your parents and/or you, why should anyone else care?


My name has been an unending source of amusement for others since as long as I can remember, though to my parents generation it is perfectly normal (Vernon).


Gender: Masculine

Usage: English

Pronounced: VUR-nun [key]

From a surname meaning "alder tree" in French.


But when it comes right down to it, a name is a generic cataloging. Imagine if everyone you knew or worked with was 'that lady' or that guy'.

At work...

"Hey, I need the account authorization for some guy, have you seen him?"


Or in the mall...

"Can I help you sir?

Why yes, I am looking for my wife, could you page her for me?

Certainly, (then, over the loudspeaker) Hey, some lady please come to information, your husband is looking for you."



So, really, what's in a name?

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For more confusing government facts, PM me. If I can't tell you due to disclosure issues, I'll let you know.


Who really killed Kennedy?


Lee Harvey Oswald.




What did you guys do wth those aliens that crashed in New Mexico?


Chopped them up and put them in the beef supply. We were testing a form of Soylent Green.




Is Elvis really in the witness protection program?


No. He died on the toilet with a deep fried peanut butter and banana sandwhich dipped in chocolate in his hand from an overdose of Tylenol.





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I don't know too too many other people with my first name, Todd. The Fox and the Hound was my favorite movie as a little kid.


I knew a Richard Small III in the Marines. Guess the family felt it built character?


I worked with a girl named Andrea. She demanded we pronounce it "On-dray-uh". Whatever, "Ann-dree-uh." We did it just out of spite, as she was a snobby P.I.T.A.


If I ever have a daughter, I'd like her name to be Brooke.

I used to want to name a son Ajax or Tristram. Lately, I'm really liking French names like Etienne, Guillaume (Guy for short), Alain, or Gilles (though this one sounds too much like "Jill" for modern folks to not butcher or make fun of). A good French name goes well with my French last name.


Of course, these would get turned into Eddie, Allen and "Gills" (or a nickname of "Fish") via mispronunciation. :(


Friends of my wife and I named their daughter Peyton, after one of the Manning brothers. I kinda like that one for a girl.


Too many people name their kids Lexus/Alexis/Lexi lately. Or Hunter.

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Dane, the French names would do alright in Maine. Lotsa Frenchies up this way that mangle anything that isn't French :poke:


If I go crazy and have kids I thought of some names I like (my brother stole one for his second born)


For boys: Connor (my nephew's name), Gavin, Mathyn, and Ezrial (luckiest member of the family, he was hung for being a horse thief and the roped broke so.. he walked a free man). The only full name I could think of was Robert Charles (a variant on my grandfather's name.. the poor boy would most definately be called Bert not Rob).


For girls: Caitlyn, Theresa, Mary, or Virginia (my grandmother's middle name and the name she went by... I miss her)

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The problem I run into with my name is at my primary job where we have three people named Amanda. Me and one other have the same last initial so they cannot just announce, "Amanda B, you have a call on line one." You would have two people running after it. When all three of us work at the same time it compounds the problem. During the Holidays this happens frequently, so I divised a system. When they want the other Amanda B, they page her as Amanda B. When they want the other Amanda who works on the floor they page her as Amanda M. When they page for me, I'm "Amanda in Receiving."

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I feel you pain, my daughter's name is Meghan, which gets misspelled and mispronounced more than a few times.

Also, I have been called Max and Mac more than once and for some reason, everyone wants to leave out the 2nd "t" in my name Matthew

And on the same named people, I have 3 kids in one of my classes that have the same name, Meghan (my daughter), Megan B, and Megan G funny thing is that two of them have the same middle initial.. I was messing with them the other day and told them that I had managed to come up with a new place from their initials, MeMe Minnesota (MN for the last Megan)


People never seem to pronounce or spell my name correctly and my middle name is the long one!


I've gotten the following spellings:


















There are others but that's just a selection.


I feel for people who have overly complicated names. I mean I've got a simple one and people still drive me nuts with it. Nevermind if my name was more complicated!

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