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Parents naming thier Kids Stupid names

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My sister's name is Jeanne (pronounced "JEE-nee".


She's had it spelled Jenny, Jeannie, Jennie, Jinny, Gennie, Genie, Jennie, Ginnie,.. and the list could go on forever.


She has had it pronounced, "Jee-ANN" by more than one person, and sometimes also as the French "Zhon" version of John.

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I have a cousin named Eowyn.


And I knew a woman named Lovechild Ermentrout. One guess whose mother was a hippie....


Not 100% certain, but I thought Eowyn was an actual Welsh name. Just like Cerridwyn and Branwyn/Bronwyn are Welsh. Nothing wrong with Welsh names, as long as they at least include a few vowels.


Not sure which is stranger, the first or last name in the other case.

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I really love the old names, especially biblical ones. And I love names that carry a family connection or history. Kristof, even though August by today's standards is a bit quirky, it's also a family tradition, and those are things I think should be honored.

Thanks. I feel the same way, which is why he got the name he did. Now if people would just stop calling him Austin (he's a month, not a city) and/or asking how to spell August (geez, do you need help spelling May and June, too?).


I probably would have been more opposed to the tradition if we all had the same name with a number attached - I would not have liked being known as "The Fifth", and I wouldn't have saddled my son with the Sixth. I'm really glad that my family chose to give us all different middle names - and normal* ones at that.


Funny little side story - we just got back from a family reunion in Ohio - we were all talking about when/if we should have another reunion, and several of us started mentioning that we didn't want it to be in August if it was going to be in Ohio again. My August, who's 4, misinterpreted, and started crying because he thought we meant that he wouldn't be able to come next time.


Someone else mentioned they knew a Sargent - I had a guy named Sargant working for me in the Navy - Seaman Sergant. The only reason we didn't joke about his name was because he gave us so much other ammunition. I seriously doubt he went on to become Petty Officer Sargant.




*relative to the time period, that is.

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