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Transformers! *New Pics Added!*


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Tomorrow, assuming I finish the paintjob, I'll post the Decepticon leader, Switchblade.


Here's a quickie shot of the primered version of Switchblade - where he's wielding his helicopter blades as swords:


Awesome robots, Bryan!


Heh... and they're called rotor blades. I can't wait to see his paint job ::):

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OK - now I'm torn.... I know my 5 year old will love these picks, but if I show him I'm afraid that he'll want me to take apart his cars and make something like them for him! :unsure: For some reason, my kids think I can fix/paint anything these days.... :rolleyes:

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Oooooooooo. ::D: Those are freakin' awesome! I've never tried cobbling together a miniature out of other things before. And Transformers, no less. Not that I like transformers. No, of course not. ;D


Hmm. Thinking on it, it strikes me that some of the full sized Transformers toys would actually be about to scale when put with human miniatures. Heh!


He he ::P:

I like the "What Would Optimus Prime Do?" t-shirt.

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Oh! Hey, I finished Switchblade's basecoat today!! He actually looks better in person, I think maybe the Camera Angle on this shot isn't Optimum (Pun Intended!), but here is SwitchBlade!





ok - and here's a WIP On the next guy I'm working on. He's another Decepticon, but I haven't named him. I typically don't name them until I'm fairly far along, and try to find a name that speaks to me.

So here is the Robot Chassis and the 2007 Dodge Viper I used to build him:



I then used various cutting tools, a dremel, and some significant swear words to remove the more iconic components of the car. A few minutes and some superglue later, I had the bits on the robot!

I decided i didn;t care for the robots original head, so I swapped it out. I ended up using a shoulderpad from a different robot I had laready cut up. The shoulder had the symmetry needed to be a head, and I thought the shape and lone eye gave it an alien feel - where the dome head the robot came with made it look like an exo-suit (which is reasonable, i think, since in the game universeo for the game from which I rescued the mini, it was an exo suit).


Note also I don't use every bit of the original car. the windshield, hood, roof, and entire rear-end are not anywhere on the bot. I feel like for purposes of the RPG it is only necessary to isuggest what vehicle it used to be.

Next he'll get a weapon pinned to his arm and then a coat of paint!

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Alright - After a full day of playing around with cars and robots, I have two more. Well, one of them is just the finished version of "Snakebite", the fellow shown in the WIP above. Snakebite is made form a 2007 Dodge Viper, and he's a total maniac ont he road. Here's how he looks now:



And another one of the Players in my game has finished theirs - The Bachelor has completed his model, a Junkion Autobot based off a Saturn Ion named Junk-ger. Here's Junk-ger


And a View of the back of the car and the other side of the bot.


Of particular note - the cracked winshield was, I thought, a really cool idea for The Beachelor to add.


I'm personally very pleased with how my players' bots are coming along, and somewhat daunted by the fact that I have to build 9 more decepticons and there's still 4 more Autobots to be finished!! Anyway, Here's hoping yall continue to enjoy these. There won't be any more updates until I get back from GenCon.

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that's pretty nutty man, some really interesting work- it's amazing how little of the actual vehicle you need to make it totally "work", brings back memories of my battletech days, trying to make the ULTIMATE mechs out of bits of everything- lookin forward (about as much as you're probably dreading) the rest of the series!!


The "for sale" oon your friends piece is slick too , great stuff!!

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