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Not Painting for a few days


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Well, I won't be painting for about 4-5 days, as I took the GF fishing today to teach her. Well I was fixing the pole and stupidly was cutting towards myself instead of away. Of course I slipped and put the knife into my hand ::(::blink: I just sharpened the pocket knife about two weeks ago, so it was a nice deep cut. No muscle damage luckily, but four stitches :huh: And since I have a new camera, I took a few pics, as always click the thumbs for bigger pics.





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Sorry to hear for the cut. Good thing it didn't hit any of the tendons in your thumb, or you might not be painting or using that hand effectively for a LONG time.

Luckily it is my off hand, so I can be back to painting soon, it's just using it to much right now makes it throb. I may primer a few figs tonight since I don't have to be exact with the brush doing that.

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sorry to hear about your injury, it could have been worse. I'll see what I can dig up for you at gencon. Just be lucky you can still count to 10.

Thanks, and I know it could have been worse, thankfully it wasn't a fillet knife or something. Hey I couldn't count to ten before, how does this change anything :rolleyes::poke:

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Here's the photo album of the few pics I took. No fishes yesterday though.




Is that the Des Plaines river, just south of the tracks?

It is the Des Plaines river, the bridge in the one photo is Milwaukee ave just south of the split of it and River Rd.

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