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Ramelle Female(?) Elf Thief

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Heya folks!


Finally an update.


I confess that I am at the point that I hate this mini. It is my boogeyman though and I must slay her. Its HER or me at this point, and I've decided it will be her. Im gonna finish this and move on lol.


I can tell ya that I am learning a few things about painting with this mini.


1) ... red is a biatch. For some reason I think I like GW reds more than RMS (no offense anne) rms seems to dry a bit grainy for some reason.

2) ... I need to buy smaller pin vice bits... something like 1/32 or so.

3) ... pick models that are interesting and have clear definitions, cause you can't overcome some things that the mini forces upon you.


Anyway, its time to behold the horror!!




Not my best by a long shot. However I think there is something to be said for a mini that frustrates you till you want to chuck it and you still finish it. Hopefully it will be abit smoother sailing for awhile after this.


I still havta do the leggings and the NMM gold for this gal. Not to mention the chest and base, but the ugliness is coming to a close.




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Hey, you're doing great. I can't tell you how many minis are in a perpetual state of unfinished due to frustration or suckage.


Yes red is a pain, as far as grainy goes, my RMS are super glossy, but not grainy. I've gotten to the point where I love my bloodthirsty triad so much that I've gotten over the glossy, well that and a bit of Anti-Shine additive.


But really other than the wierdness that is the man-lady-thief, she's looking great.

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Looking good so far LW - the strapping on this reminds me of my own personal hell - AKA the bikini on the Sea Nymph... to many thin straps make VV a little crazy (that is my excuse for today at any rate)...


I'd go along with dark base coat straight to highlight in lieu of darklining. As for the rest of the darklining - so far so good yes? As long as the rest of the mini is darker in colour the lining will look fine. If for some crazy reason you were considering finishing her off in light pastels - I'd recommend toning down the darkline (bring a glaze of your base skintone over top of it say...).


Love the WIP - more pics please ::D: .


Note to self: Need Jewler's Saw... ::):


As for Reds, I prefer to use Vallejo over Reaper, though I wouldn't recommend the paints to brush-lickers or skin painters. Turns out Vallejo reds have Cadmium and some other nastiness. Gives them a great look but the non-toxic status goes right out the window.


Of all the Reaper reds, have to say I like the bloody triad best of all. Reds do seem to get shiny when you layer them. The same thing happens Vallejo as with Reaper. Matte Medium of Reaper Brush-on Sealer is your friend.


Another hint. Add light yellow to your red highlight. Continue adding yellow and then white. Yes, I know it will go a bit pink. Then wash with Clear Red mixed down with water and Brush-on Sealer.

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Ok, now that I have some time to critique . . .


Do you plan on highlighting the cape more? I like the level of red you have the highest highlight at now, I would suggest adding a darker black wash/glaze (however you want to apply it) to the folds to make more of a distinct and bright contrast.


For the brown, do you plan on highlighting it to a khaki color or do you want it to be a darker brown? I think with the level of red you have if the brown was brought down a few shades it would help balance out. Otherwise the brown is kind of a bright color and I don't see it complementing the red nearly as well as it could.


Whatcha doing for hair color?

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I was thinking that perhaps for the hair color a blonde, perhaps dirty blonde color. (Need to figure out the painting scheme for that first, certainly not Pam Anderson blonde... more a normal blond look lol.)

What do you think about doing a light brown glaze over the brown leathers to bring it down a level?


The red, maybe a thinned out brown liner wash to the creases?





I see you lurking... makes me wish there was a chat here..

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hehe . . . I'm lurking . . .


Well for dirty blonde I use oiled leather as a base, for highlights I mix variations of desert gold with oiled leather, one I'm just up to the desert gold I do a round or two of that color then start mixing some white in. Once I have the highest highlights up to white I let it dry really well and start glazing the hair to blend the different layers of highlights toegher. The glaze is really thinned out desert gold and oiled leather. You just wash, rinse repeat until you are satisfied.

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I like where you're taking the mini, even if I'm a little dubious about the sculpt myself, mine is sitting at home in a box... somewhere.. Snapping sword blades make me cranky and less likely to paint if I've got to pin stuff first ::P: Take a break, paint something else for a bit. Nothing else grab a couple minis and speed-paint for a bit to get the ugly thoughts out.


As for chat... irc.sorcery.net:7000, the #reaper channel. You'll usually find me and a few other hardy souls. It's actually where you'll get the most WiP shots from me because I've more minis in work than I care to fully admit at times (okay, all the time).

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