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Bourbon Street Sophie

Versutus Vulpes

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Here she is from my WIP thread... Calling her done.




This mini will be given as a gift to my sister who was married at Jackson Square (before Katrina) - Hence the Chartres and St. Ann street lamp.


She and her husband have a deep love for the city and things of a supernatural nature, so I am hoping they like this piece.


Comments/critique always appreciated.


And if you feel like it - share the love on CMON...

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Good job at her face, the yellow robe and all the flowers and small details, skin also turned out very good but I'm really not sure what I shall think about the veins at her wings. Honestly I think it's basically a good idea but on the other hand it makes her look like a little bit creepy and maybe I don't like it very much because Sophie always was painted as a very beautiful one and so I feel little bit divided. The veins itself are painted very good. They really seem to shine through the skin of the wings.

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vhaidra - I've received similar feedback on CMON. Mostly a stunt to refine the technique. I like the concept, and the next time I do a dragon I will really hammer it down. But I tend to agree, maybe on a sweet little Sophie they are a bit much.




Then again - I could point out that as a succubus she does need to have a little bit of creepy about her... That nagging sense that something is far uglier about this sweet lady as she encloses you in those wings and begins to drain your soul...


But lets face it - that would be artistic gibberish on my part. I'll settle for interesting concept, moderately pulled off, on the wrong mini.


As for the pallet - it was from my sister's dress, so she gets the credit for that one :poke: .


Thanks all for the kind words and feedback. It is always appreciated.

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Sorry for the bump... :blush:


I am gifting her tomorrow - and I was stumped for a good way to present her...


So I settled for this:




I had to extend out the back of the frame to fit her base, and she is held in place with some RE magnets. So you can open it up to see her close, and the rest of the time she is tucked away.


The image is of the Cathedral at Jackson Square.

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