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DaVinci Maestro Brushes

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A friend of mine died last year and left me some money. I decided that I should buy at least one thing for myself that I wouldn't have otherwise. She liked looking at my minis and hearing my stories about conventions, so I bought a set of brushes.


My FLGS had a set of Citadel Masters Brushes that they marked down $50 from $125 to $75. I bought them. I've been very happy with the set, especially the Detail and Fine Detail brushes. I have to say I haven't really used the flat in that set at all.


It was a rather extravagant purchase, but when I use my brushes I think of my friend. I still miss her very much.

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I think it was really great that you found a way to use your friend's gift that reflects something you used to share and brings her to your mind while doing something you love.

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