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Thanks, guys. I think I posted about this earlier, maybe in Conversions. Kind of got lost in the pre-Gen Con shuffle. VV, "fun" doesn't begin to describe Gen Con. I showed an elf I'm working on to Sandra Garrity - it was one of her sculpts. She said she liked the paint very much.


The cool thing about talking to Ms. Garrity was she explained something about the sculpt that I didn't understand. That will help me with painting the piece.


Anne gave it a look see too. She said she could forgive the star scene - which is rather trite- because it was on the inside of the cloak. A star scene on the outside is rather cliche'. I had fun painting it anyway. It was a good test of my freehand skills.


Met lots of cool people, roomed with Evil Bob and my roomie from last year, had lots of fun, painted lots of minis, etc. Tired but very happy.

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Trite schmite... Who cares if something has been done to death. If YOU like it and do it well it is worth doing or having done. No offense to Anne of course she is a GREAT painter and a real sweetheart, I just think sometimes people get a bit jaded to these things. I mean when it all boils down to it, ELVES are trite. :poke:

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