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Scorpius Rex Dracus


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I personally love this guy! i think its because the arms can be postioned any way you want and the head is great! This guy has been discontinued for years. I think it might be Reapers first Dragon! (Reaper admins correct me if I wrong) I decided that I would go the Blue road on the skin. Comments Please!










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Hi everyone,

Nice to see some interest in this old sculpt! Great paint job by the way, I like the way he turned out.

I sculpted that years ago for an emergency Reaper had in their release schedule. It seems one of the other sculptors was late with something and I got a call on a Monday asking if I could have a Dragon in their hands by Friday! This guy is the result, not a lot of time for finer details I would have liked to have added. Maybe someday I will get to do a revision on him.





st in this old Dragon

Nice! I really like the colors you picked for this one.


The horns probably could have gone a *bit* higher, but overall great dragon.



yea I agree thats the only problem the horns and teeth could be longer and sharper looking. Thanks BTW!

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have always liked that one, may have to one of the ones I pick up out of the OoP shelf at Rcon next year (along with the 3 other Horsemen I'm missing!!).


great color scheme on that one, seems appropriate for him/her.



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