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Mangu Timur


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Good work. I'd say darkline the armor to give it some detail.




Seee I thought about that but I usually just do my wash techniquie when I need to add black. The problem is I used a bright green for the wash to show it like bronze/copper. Still I need to figure out something! Thanks for the comment!

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Mangu Timur! He must be some kind of knight!


Actually, Mangu Timmur was the original Malvernan 'Warlord' for DHL, back when Dark Heaven legends was the Reaper mini-game...

i know...he killed hundred and thousands of scots, dwarves, nuns, and those ******** dire dead fools for me.

(it's also a 10 yr old paint job..don't expect to see it here...)


Then again, Quinn Rowan split his skull a few times...same the ***** Reaper of War!

(HATE Reaper of war!...painted him 4 times, actually smashed one with a hammer once too!)

(i should post my present one...he's purty...)


just FYI...yes, alot of the OLD DHL mini's are actually specific characters...some which have actually resurfaced in Warlord


(Orba Sinhain...he was an ally for Malvernis once...was he?)

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