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Need Color Scheme Advice


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Here are some pics of a quick test mini...I did one sleeve in brown and the other in grey; the grey didn't work at all (way too light), and I think darker browns are probably a better bet.







My analysis: burgundy doesn't seem to have worked so well ::(: I tested two reds on the shield; the left half of the crescent is burgundy, the rest is deep red. I'm not particularly happy with either of them. The burgundy came out much redder than expected...also, I need to pick different colors for wood and leather, as the speararm shows.


Taking into account fieldarchy and Anne's suggestions, a new version:

Robes: Linen White

Other Cloth: Black, Brown Liner/Walnut, Linen White

Armor: Ancient Bronze mixed with walnut

Armor Trim: brown liner

Leather: ?

Wood: ?

Gems, Accents, Elite trim: a red and a purple


Possible reds: blood red, bloodstain red, ???

Possible purples: Brick red (looks purply on my monitor, anyway), ???


Thanks for all the help so far, progress is being made...slowly... :upside:

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Brick red is purply but still too red. When I say red and purple in the color scheme I mean a bright red and a bright purple. Kind of like GW Scab Red and GW Liche Purple (I think that's what it is anyway . . . not that I use them anymore but is what I started with).


I think if you just stick with the linen white highlighted up to white, do the leathers and what not in blackish browns and then add some bright purple and bright red it could look really cool. Hmmm . . . I may have to try this color scheme out . . .

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Re: Meg's color suggestions, for the record GW Scab Red = MSP Red Brick, though that's kind of dark to my eyes, and you might want to go with MSP Deep Red (the midtone in that triad) for your base instead. GW Liche Purple = MSP Clear Plum. For a purple that covers better add a couple drops of Clear Plum to some Imperial Purple. ::):


--Anne, zooming in with random paint references ::):

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Threw some more paint on the test mini. Darkened the metallics a bit further, and tested deep red and an approximate clear plum (imperial purple plus deep red). It looks pretty good, though I'll need to be careful with the purple--may need to pair it with golds rather than bronze. Also playing around a bit with off-whites; I might go with a very light grey rather than cream. I'm thinking of using pure black for wood. The other option would be to use the purple or red, but I think that might be a little overpowering. More pics once I've made a few more decisions.

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This is a bit off-topic, but it looks like you are using brush-on primer. I'd suggest a light coat of Dull Cote before you begin painting. It will make the primer less likely to rub off and will also form a layer between the primer and paint. I've had problems with brush-on primer sucking up paint so that it looks kind of dull after it dries a bit.

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