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Werner Klocke Elf King

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ooooh he's lookin' purdy! And I'm getting another Elfsie for him to be next to! I definitely need to get display cases for the wonderful work you and Kate are doing for me!


From the way the Elf King is shaping up, my elfie is going to look pretty bad next to him... :unsure:


I think I'm going to have to get some more VMC colors because the flesh and cloak are tremendous!

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Thanks for the compliment, Helltown. I really appreciate it.


I've been painting about five years. I've had the chance to be taught and critiqued by some of the best painters in the world. I get discouraged sometimes that I'm not further along than I am with my skills and execution.


For yourself, just keep painting and working on your art. You'll get better as time goes along.


Meg: LOL! I was going to say the brand of paint isn't as big a deal as how you use them. Anne was using VMC before she started developing the RMS line. She "turned me on" to a lot of the colors I use. There are quite a few colors in RMS that have close analogs in VMC.


She doesn't have one for Oxford Blue 807. You should get that one, Helltown. Every painter should have Oxford Blue.

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